Friday, March 21, 2008

What we are doing for Easter

This year will be a little different.  Back in Dec/Nov we decided no longer to pretend to have Santa so at that point our very bright oldest son declares if there is no Santa then the Easter bunny is not real either.   Let me say this is totally a personal decision, a decisions that we made because of our convictions. And just like with Santa we totally think that the Easter bunny is a fun and cool CHARACTER and that's just how we talk about him as a pretend fun story. We are cool with the Bunny thing it's just not for us, however our kids get Easter baskets filled to the brim with candy, chocolate bunnies included, toys, clothes, books, etc.  We really celebrate Easter with gifts and a large family gathering with lots of food!  We feel like so many times Easter is glossed over, Christmas is so big that we forget the only reason God sent his son was so that he could die on the cross and rise again.  
Our Bible reading with the kids this week has lead up to the crucifixion of Jesus.  We plan to go to Church this year on Saturday night, I was really reluctant about this at first, but we have a really large church and more people come to church on Easter than any other holiday, our church has asked that if you would sacrifice your seat on Sunday for someone who normally doesn't go to church it would bless them.
I was reluctant for several reasons, 1.  Its not EASTER on Saturday.  2. (I'm being real here!) Daisy has the most beautiful dress in the world and not as many people will be able to see it.  3.I have the most beautiful dress...
Ok I think you see I was feeling a bit selfish about the whole thing, and I have come to understand that it just might benefit others so we go on Saturday, all humble...
On Easter we will wake up and read the kids the Bible and talk about how Jesus has risen!  We will give our children their gifts and have a nice breakfast (a Paula Dean recipe) and I will start to prepare Easter Dinner, D and J and the babies will be coming and have also agreed to go to church on Saturday.  This is the first Easter in many years that we will have our whole family, Grandpa and Grandma and my Mom.
We might even have an egg hunt if the weather allows.   I will post the breakfast casserole recipe later.  I need to go educate my child now.  Have a great day!


The G's said...

Have a wonderful Easter with your family. You can come over and check out my barn stars any time!!!! Take care!

bunchofbull-ers! said...

That is exactly how we handle the Santa/Easter bunny stuff. They are characters and THAT'S IT~
I wasnt raised in a Christian home & the tradition of stockings is my FAVORITE. I still do them for my kids, they are just stuffed by dad & mom instead of the jolly ol' fat guy! And the same with the Easter baskets!
We are starting the morning at church, then we are having my mom & step-dad over with my grandparents for a big yummy dinner! Can't wait.

Because He lives,

Kelly B.