Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Top 10 list

It's raining and I am in a bit of a funk...  So here is a list of things I do not like!

10. Rain
9. pants with words on the butt
8. romance movies, books etc.
7. grape flavored candy, Popsicle's or soda
6. smoking in public
5. K Love (music)
4. my food to touch on my plate
3. soap operas 
2. rude cashiers/waiters or waitresses 
1. being alone

So go now and have a lovely day


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the 10 things I hate... I got a kick out of the "pants with words on the butt"... actually I dislike that too. Words like "princess", "sweet", ect. Don't they realize what comes OUT of that area... it let me tell you it certainly isn't "sweet" or "princess" worthy! Hope your day improves.

We are THAT Family said...

I agree. Rain would be on my list, so would #9, #6, #2. Hope the sun shines soon!

Kelly B. said...

Just curious, truly not judging, why dont you like Klove? I have not listened to that station in a few years.
I understand your funk though, we just had a tornado warning. I was numb with fear. This California born girl can handle an earthquake, but now living in Tennessee, I was SKEERED!!!

Praying that your funk to leave soon!

Happy Mommy said...

I am a lover of Gospel music! Happy Daddy and I were once members of an all black church, I was the only white girl in the choir... I just think the music is amazing. I love R&B christian music too.
Or I listen to country music.
So in answer to your question, I am not moved in any way shape or form by slow contemporary christian music and when I think of K Love thats what I think of.

Happy Mommy said...

And for pants with words on the butt, I really hate when I see kids with the word hottie on their rear end! I am like hello - Parents are you actually trying to draw attention to your daughters BUTT!

Twice Blessed said...

I tried to leave this message yesterday...
It said; You know that "rock star" that you met and told you that you were a beautiful girl?
Well today 3/4 is his birthday..
can you beleive he's 60!! YIKES!
Hope that cheered you up a bit.