Thursday, March 6, 2008

Have you ever judged someone?

I have found myself just a titch judgemental at a few times in my life....
Like way back before I had kids and I totally judged the mother who's little tot was wearing a soggy diaper, With baby 1 I changed his diaper ever 34 min unless he had a pee pee and needed to be changed much sooner, with baby 2 I changed his diaper oh ever 2-3 hours unless he had a poop, and well with baby 3 it was a good day if I got it changed 5 times total, so I am sure I was also judged by the same soggy measure I judged.
Oh how about my kids will never sleep with me, I know I cast that stone, and baby one never did as a baby, but he is the first one to make it into our room each and every single day of the week way before the sun comes up you know when you only have 45 min left to sleep and you have to do it with an elbow in the rib, Baby 2 slept with me until he was 2 years old, I had to sleep, so I decided it wasn't as bad as I once thought it was to sleep with your baby.
How about I would never give my kids fast food.  I think Daisy was 15 months when she recognized the golden arches from 1/2 a mile away.
And what about the people whose kids always get hurt and you think like were are the parents don't they watch their kids, and then your 14 month old tries to climb into his high chair while you are on a corded phone just 1 foot away and you can't grab him, he needed 14 stitches and a plastic surgeon that day, my second child was only 9 months when he had to have 6 stitches in his eye.
And when you once thought tv was soooo bad, I don't think I could make it through the day without Dora!
I distinctly remember at church one time I heard a toddler call his mommy a name, I was just astonished, I think I even whispered to Daddy "Did you hear that" You know I judged her, I paid for it too, Daisy called me BAD STUPID MOMMY for 3 weeks strait last summer, that's the one time I wished she had a speech delay or something -  there was no mistaking what she said it was clear as a bell and in a few years you will hear mothers all over the place being called Bad Stupid Mommy because I know about 50 moms who judged me because of it!
And how about when you see a mother with 2 maybe more kids and they are dirty really dirty with food on their clothes and maybe their shoes on the wrong feet she seems like she is in a daze and you judge her, you think couldn't' she have even washed of the ketchup off their face before she came in... Well now being a mother of 3 myself I know I judged her I admit it, but now I know it is impossible to leave the house without 1 or more of my children getting something on their clothes, and I now know the importance of children dressing themselves and when it takes 40 minutes to get their little shoes on it would be down right wrong to tell them they did it wrong and anyway have you ever heard of anyone being permanently damaged by wearing their shoes on the wrong feet every now and then, I haven't.  I often walk around in a daze, I am a home school mom who rises at 6 am to do bible study and cook breakfast, I feed my children no less that 40 snacks and 3 meals daily, while cleaning up after the tsunami, hurricane and tornado that my sweet children have become just to do it again tomorrow, of course I am in a daze, I do promise that I wash these little messes each and everyday, and that no matter how hard I try they are dirty and they are loud and that's just kids.
Now my advice for the day turn your head the other way when you feel like judging a mom, run if you have to, Just don't judge her no matter what because if you judge her if you even think for one millisecond that your child won't do that, beware they will, God has a sense of humor!


bunchofbull-ers! said...

OHHHH...yeah, I remember those pre-parenting days when I had it ALL figured it out. And then, BAM, reality hits with the convictions for judging other moms!! It truly saddens me when I hear others judging for any reason. We dont know where the Lord has each one of us individually. For example, we were a homeschooling family. Until this school year, we made a business decision that ultimately planted me back into the work force. We had some "friends" tell us that we had to be lying about our faith to send our children to Satan's church (public school). I was devistated already without having heard that comment. But I know that the Lord is faithful as He has proven school year my girls will be right back home with me! Thank you Jesus!
Sorry about the rant..just a tender topic that judgement is.
But another reason why I enjoy your's all about being real!

Tricia said...

Oh, yes! And I am embarrassed to say that I was able to maintain my judgemental mommy status through my first three kids. Because they were easy.

Then I had #4.

I don't know what else to say except God has humbled me, and wish I could take back every judgemental thought I ever had! :o)

We are THAT family said...

Very good advice! I've done the same thing so many times, only to find myself in the same circumstances. Then, I'm like 'ouch.' Enjoying your stuff, girl! Blessings.

We are THAT family said...

You've been tagged!