Monday, March 17, 2008

If I look at one more house plan my head will explode!

As you all know we bought land about a month ago, so now we have to find and AGREE on the house plan...
This sounds like it should be an easy task well it is not!  I think I have viewed my 9 billionth house plan this evening and we still have no real idea what to do!
We have some real wants and some real needs like for instance we need to have 5 bedrooms, one for each child and (the 3 we have and the one we hope to have soon) and of course a master suite.  We want a class room or office for our home school, at our current home we use the kitchen, it works but it could be better if we had a room.  I want an island in the kitchen, now this is a want but I feel like it is a need!  We need the family room to flow with the kitchen and dining room, we like an open floor plan.  
We both like a colonial or country farmhouse design, we live in the rural south and will be on a 12 acre mini farm when we move out to our new land.
We need the house to be between 2200 and 2700 sq feet.  
I found this house tonight after oh my 50th hour of looking it has everything we are looking for except the country porch, which we could add, it is a little bigger than we had first thought we needed at 2658 but after all the looking I think we might have to go bigger to have what we think we need.  I also like this house, but who gets the big ol' bed room?  The only other home I could find was this one, which might be to small and it has no office, we are going to have a basement and plan to put our playroom in the basement but I really don't want to put the class room in a basement, we spend alot of time doing school and with each child doing school, we could easily be in our new class a good par of our day.
After we finally decide on a house plan we can purchase the blueprints and start getting bids on the jobs.  Daddy is going to contract out all the work his self, we will become Owner Builders, saving ourselves hundreds of thousands of dollars...  This is a very exciting time for us but boy oh boy is this overwhelming!
We are getting ready to do some big home improvements at our home now and plan to put the house on the market in a few months.  I will post pictures of the improvements as they come.


We are THAT family said...

I can't imagine trying to make that decision! It's so permanent! I like the last one because of the wrap-around porch!

Happy Mommy said...

It is so hard! We have been married for 12 years this year and we have owned 3 houses. We had our first house built by a builder. Our second and third houses were already built. There are so many advantages to building from the ground up, its exciting yet stressful and overwelming....
Just think after we do decide on a house, we then have to pick each and every stinking thing that goes with the house, oh my!