Saturday, March 29, 2008

I am making Potato Salad

Today is Ruby Wife's son Peter's birthday party.  I am going to take MY FAMOUS Potato Salad.  I wanted you to have this recipe because I am really nice like that!  So just click right here.  Now go make the most yummy, creamy lovely potato salad you have ever had in your mouth!  Have a happy Saturday!


We are THAT Family said...

I am SO going to make your potato salad. It sounds devine and I know yummy potato salad. A made a German version for Easter.

Btw, thanks so much for finding my new site yesterday. Many of the links aren't working and I'm not bloggy enough to figure it out.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

Twice Blessed said...

She's not lying is the BEST ps you'll ever have...