Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vacation part 2

So our cruise was amazing!  I loved every minute on the ship, I had really been worried about motion sickness but I never felt even the slightest bit ill the whole time.  Now let me tell you something you might not know about cruising, the staff of the ship act like you are someone famous!  Really you are treated like Royalty for a whole week.  Every time we left our cabin our stateroom attendant Michael would come in and straiten up, like 5 times a day.
We left the ship early on Saturday morning and off we hurried to the shuttle bus and back to the airport to catch our flight to the Bahamas.  Our plane was not much bigger than a tin can, it even had propellers on the sides, I like big planes this was very far from big.  So we all crammed in to the "little plane" and we were off!
We landed in the Bahamas with in 45 minutes.  As we entered customs things get interesting the man helping us with our bags being that we are such a big group, 2 wheel chairs, 2 strollers, 3 small kids with over loaded back packs and 4 other adults all pulling carry on luggage he took us to a special window were an over sized woman sat filing her nails.  As we approached she made a funny face at me and then went on to say "I can not believe you have brought these people to my line you have ruined my whole day"  at this point I look around because I know  she is not talking to me like that, HD kind of got a chuckle out of that....  Now let me say she was not saying this jokingly she was saying this with the chicken head bob'n back and forth she was mad we had interrupted her nail filing session, I could not believe it!  Could not!  I still can't.  We finished our documents while she huffed and puffed at us and then we ran off to collect our bags.
We had prepaid for transportation from the airport to the resort Atlantis.  We got on our bus, all eleven of us and 2 other couples.  Again I am shocked the woman driving the bus starts telling us about the local fair and she starts using crude humor, we did not laugh, my 3 kids are on this bus and she is talking about sex and saying things that are totally inappropriate, now I am huffing and puffing and sighing loudly but she just talked louder.  Did you know they drive on the wrong side of the road in the Bahamas?  They do.  As we pulled up to the resort she says check under your seat and make sure you have your purses and wallets because big mama does not return things left on her bus I will be having a party tonight....  Then get this she wanted a tip she hoovered around like she would get a tip for driving us now mind you we paid over 100$ for our 15 minuted drive.  I looked at her and told her strait up the only tip you are gonna get is "not to tell jokes about stealing from me if I leave something on your bus!" I then walked away!  
The resort was huge and it was beautiful!  We hurried inside to check in, that went smoothly.  I will tell you more about Atlantis and the people of the island in a few days.... 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our vacation part 1

Hi do you remember me, Happy Mommy the sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes overwhelmed woman who used to write here?   It's me and yes we are alive!  I know its been forever and I have been thinking alot about just shutting this whole thing down, but then that means I can't come back, and what if I want to write something.  So I figure if I write every now and then and not just for the comments which you all know I love but I write because I want to this might just be fun again.  I will not shut the site down I am going to keep writing but as I said before, when I can.   I am happy to say HD still has a job and we do not have to move.  God has stepped in again and made a way for us to remain right where we are and I am so grateful and thankful!
Now on with part one of our family vacation~
We left our house on March 27 for our two week vacation, we drove to DC which is about a four hour drive.  We left that evening after HD got off work so we were getting a late start.  I had the car packed, I don't know how I did it I really don't we had 5 large suitcases, 3 back packs, 2 carry on suitcases and my purse.  By the time we arrived at Dana and Joe's house it was after 9 pm and HD immediately started helping Joe pack his minivan too.  Did I mention we had 11 people going on this two week vacation?  ELEVEN!  That's 5 small children 2 of them are not potty trained, two couples and my mom who is handicapped and can't walk long distances and my grandma who is 78 and also can't walk long distances....
Very shortly after we got to Dana's and I mean very shortly only about 15 minutes my mom called me down stairs and said something was wrong with my son Bo.  I started to come down the stairs as he was coming up to show me.  He held out his had and it was evidently broken!  I took him by the shoulders and told him to sit down right where he was I told him he had broken his hand and that it was going to be ok, we were just going to go to the hospital and he would be just fine, all the while he was white as a ghost and was starting to shake.
I told HD to get directions from Joe and off we went.  I could totally tell this hand was broken at the bone where the pinky finger attaches to the hand, fingers are not supposed to stick out sideways like that!!!  On the drive over to the hospital HD said yeah it's broken, when he showed it to me I kissed it and said it's ok buddy,  At this point I am not sure my ears are working correctly, I ask him did Bo come to you BEFORE he came to me?  HD answers yes, I know it looked funny but we are going on a Cruise in less than 12 hours so I didn't want it to be broken.  Again I say WHAT!  He said I sent him to you, I needed a minute to think about what I just saw and I know fingers are not supposed to do that.
After a very short time at the hospital, and a few Xrays later yes he has a broken bone, the one between his pinky finger and his hand, they made a removable cast and we would be able to splint it while we were in the pools and on the beaches during our Cruise and then while we were at Atlantis as well.
We got home at around mid night and he was still doing really well for breaking his hand.  He never cried, he is really a trooper!  We hurried off to bed, we had to get up at 4am to be at the airport at 5.
The airport with that many people is crazy.  We had a child with a broken arm who now was not feeling so well.  We had two babies who where crying because well its 5 am, and two women in wheelchairs, if we wanted to draw attention to ourselves we accomplished it that's for sure.
The flight to FL was short only about 2 hours, the kids all did really well, until we landed and Reese was very sick!  She started throwing up.  By 2 we were finally on the ship.  We went on Royal Caribbeans Liberty of the Sea.  It was amazing.  I really had no idea of how big these ships are it really is like a city on the water!