Monday, September 17, 2007

Womans Bible Study

We had our first real meeting today. We are reading the book - A Mom after Gods own Heart-
I am very hopeful about this group we all really seem to click and I am looking forward to growing with this group of woman. I am excited about what God can do if you let him and I am excited to see what he has in store for us Mommy's. Another book I am checking out is - Created to be his Help Meet.
I am getting settled in to the routine of school and Bible study and pre-schooling and everyday stuff... It was hard getting back to a schedule.
I am really getting alot out of the Purpose Driven Life book our small couples group on wed nights is reading, yesterdays was most moving about what would you change if you knew it was your last days? Wow what a question, 1. I would never let another day go by with out telling my children about how much Jesus loves them 2. I would never yell again it doesn't work anyway. 3. I would praise God before I made any requests.
Now as I re-read this book I must remember this is just practice for my eternity and I need to follow these few thoughts God has brought to my attention.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Small Groups

Have I mentioned how amazing being a part of a small group can be? The week before last we moved my grandparents furniture from their storage unit into their new house and our small group showed up to help. Our friends Zack and Kim also helped pack the unit when my Grandparents moved here from Ohio back in May they also helped move furniture into our house for them. A few weeks ago Zack helped load the moving truck and unload into the house working for hours, while Kim helped with all the children. Our friend and fellow small group member Todd also helped all day. It is just amazing these people brought together by God to help one another with our lives! I am very grateful to our friends, I am grateful for being a part of a small group! Small groups are amazing and that is where real live come as you are friendships happen!


If you have been reading my blog you know after a mistake almost 2 years ago Daddy had a vasectomy. Well just recently Daddy came to me and said he would have the reversal surgery. Now is the hard part, where do we get $6,127.00. Expensive mistake!
I have prayed for Daddy to want more children, I have prayed for God to heal Daddy, I have prayed for myself to get pregnant, but I have not prayed for money. I guess I almost feel like it's not right to ask God for money for this surgery. See, we do not like loans so Daddy is against a medical loan, and I am too. I can't see a monthly payment taking money away from the three kids we have to pay for a child we don't have being the right choice.
I have been having a hard time with the fact that there are pregnant woman everywhere and new babies everywhere... At church on Sunday we where talking about where could we get the money, I could always do some typing or call center work from home but that is really against what we believe God has set forth for our lives. Me being a stay home mom is one of the most important things in my life, and any work out side of being a bible study leader or being the kids teacher would take away from my time with them and again I can't take away the little time I have for my kids to provide for a child we do not have yet.
So I am very conflicted, I want to be pregnant now I want to move forward I hate waiting and yet I do have a peace that I will be pregnant again. I am continuing to pray for healing I am going to pray for our finances that God will provide a means for this surgery if he does not heal Daddy.