Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just Me and My Girl

Dasiy and I among the flowers. I just love matching dresses!

Zack Jess Ryley and Cora

This picture was also taken at the garden behind the church... before Ryley broke his arm! We really loved spending the weekend with our family! I am so blessed to say my sister in law is one of my very best friends and I just loved spending time with her!

Memorial Day Weekend

This is our lovely family after Daddy's sister Regan's Graduation. We went out to a little park behind the church it had a beautiful garden and we stopped for some family photos before the party.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Luke and I started The Chronicles of Narnia this afternoon... I have to sadly admit I have never read any of them. As part of our summer I would like to read alot to the kids. I find myself so busy lately that reading has been on the back burner and I really miss reading to them! Bo even sat quietly with us as I read a few chapters today. We started with book one The Magicians Nephew.
I am really enjoying the book I mentioned the other day by Elizabeth George, the title of the book is A Mom After Gods Own Heart. I am only on chapter 3 and already see a need for change in my everyday routine, Daddy and I do devotions every morning before he leaves for work but really have been falling short on the bible reading with the kids. This book really focuses on the verse in Deuteronomy about teaching your children as you wake up as you are in your house as you are away as you rest and everyday! I as a home school mom am really ashamed of myself, we read (although not much lately) but just not the Bible, I almost feel that I have let the enemy lie to me... Thinking the kids are not ready for real Bible reading, so today right after Daddy left for work I sat all 3 of them down and read from the Bible the story of Daniel and The Lions Den, it only took about 5 minutes, Daisy listened for about 2 of those, Bo and Luke listened the whole time and were really interested at the end. As I daily pray for wisdom I know God will instruct me in which story's the kids will enjoy. I know 5 minutes is not long but it is long enough at this age. I want our kids to know above all other learning and above all other books God word comes first, that's why we are home schooling in the first place.
Elizabeth Georges book also brings to mind that devotionals are great but do not and will never take the place of real Bible reading, I really enjoy devotionals and motivational books and do sometimes use them in place of the Bible, which thankful has now been brought to my attention (in a devotional book) as wrong. I am committing myself to at least 15 minutes a day not including the time with the kids.
I can remember a time I never missed my quite time with the Lord, that was pre-kids. I now find everything else in the way and sometimes miss days at a time, even sometime my Bible stays in the car all week. I love that I never leave our Church not feeling the strong desire to grow in my relationship with Christ. I feel daily lead by the Holy Spirit to read his word, and a true guilt when I do not follow through. I always pray for wisdom and Gods answer always seems to be read my word. I pray for peace and God says find comfort and joy as well as peace in the promises of my word. As a Christ follower it is almost a one way selfish relationship with out daily taking part in reading the Holy Word of God.
So as I have now had a few minutes to rant and rave I need to use my time wisely and go read my Bible...

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Long week

It has been some time since my last blog... We went to Ohio last weekend to take part in Daddys baby sisters graduation. It is just mind boggling that Regan has graduated it seems like just yesterday that she was coming home from kindergarten.Daddy and I really enjoyed the time to talk as we drove, the kids slept and we talked for hours... It seems like we have been together forever now and seeing Regan graduate really brought that to reality we have been together this month for 13 years, and will be married 11 in the Fall. As we where in Ohio, Ryley, our nephew fell while playing basketball at the graduation party and broke his arm in two places. It is just awful for him to start the summer off like this!
Monday Dana and Joe and both babies came over for a cookout. It was just wonderful to have us all together after all our prayers have been answered! The babies a beautiful, I loved holding and feeding them.
We had a good week with our schooling, this is Luke's last week of kindergarten. I can not believe it is over and we are moving into first grade. We are now finishing up with our curriculum search for history and science. We have been so happy with Saxon math and language that we will continue with first grade. I think we are using alpha omega life pac for history and geography. It is such and important dicision and I sometimes feel the weight of the world on my shoulders as I try to dicide which one is best...
My Grandma has went into her second week of cemo and radiation and is continuing to really do quite well. She is tired most of the time, but she was tired before she started all of this. She has 3 weeks of treatment left and I am prayerful that she will continue to do so great!
I meet with the leader of womans ministry this week and with a pastor of our church on friday for the final approval in order to be part of the leadership team with our church. I was able to share my testimony again which becomes easier each time, I had a friend tell me as we share our story it becomes less and less our story and more and more God glory shining through us as he changes and makes us more like him.
I will be leading a small group to help equip mothers and wives to live in the full joy God plans for them as they lovingly guide their little ones and love their husbands, the group will be starting in the fall. I am praying daily for God to help me in this ministry he is leading me into...
I am checking out Elizabeth Georges book on Mothering I will also use The Power of a Praying Wife in the group.
I had to take Daisy to the Doctor today, Daddy and the boys went to church with out us. When we woke up her eye was swollen shut it was very red and hot. I took her to the Dr and she told me Daisy had a very bad ear and eye infection the eye infection is so dangerous that she is on a very strong medication in her eye every 2 hours even in the night, the Dr told me that the eye has a blood vessel that goes strait to the brain and if her eye is not better by morning she will need to be hospitalized and have IV treatment... Wow I thought I was dealing with a bug bite! Thank God it is looking better already.
Ok, that was a long post.

Glazed Doughnuts

1 or 2 cans of grands buttermilk biscuits
3/4 c powder sugar
1 tbl milk
1tea vanilla

Take the biscuits and make a hole with a 2 liter bottle or water bottle. Next fry the biscuits in a deep fryer at 375 for about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes each side. You will have already made the glaze with the powder sugar mixed with the milk and vanilla, if you need more milk add just a little at a time. You can also fry up the holes. You can make cinnamon sugar doughnuts by shaking the hot doughnuts in a sugar cinnamon mixture or even just powder sugar.