Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Almost Christmas

It has been quite some time since I last blogged...  I find myself having a hard time just getting through the day sometimes.  I am well into my second year as a school teacher to my son Luke who I might add is smart as can be for his 6 years.  Bo is doing very well with his pre-k work we are doing although he has a bit more of a hard time sitting still than I remember Luke having.  Daisy is potty training and growing so much.  It is so hard to believe that this is the longest in 6 years we have been with out a new baby.  Daisy still seems like a baby to me.  We just stopped nursing the first week of Nov.  which was so hard for me but she did not seem bothered by it at all...
Thanksgiving was wonderful, our first holiday with my family here in The South with us...  Daddy's Aunts came from CA to be with us and Daddy's brother Zack, wife Jess and kids Ryley and Cora, my Aunt Dana her husband Joe and the babies all came I was in my element with the house full and plenty of food to make!  I love holidays!  
And now it's almost Christmas, We are going in to this Christmas season with new feelings and new experiences, Daddy and I decided when Luke was born that we wanted to play Santa and until about 2 months ago we were fine with our decision, even though Christian friends vary in opinion some loving the idea and others thinking is just awful.  About 2 months ago Luke asked me is Santa real and instead of telling the truth I asked him a question in response the question being "what do you think" He answered well I guess so but I don't think the mall Santa is real,  I quickly changed the subject not wanting to tell Luke the truth.
Now playing Santa I never felt was wrong just pretend and until then I never questioned our decision but when he asked and I lied and avoided I felt wrong.  When Daddy came home from work we had a long talk about it and felt like we needed to tell Luke the truth but wanted more than anything to inform him of all the facts to explain why we have a Santa and who he was, funny thing happened that night as I was reading a blog I read frequently,  Tally posted a blog about Halloween and his views on Santa and the Easter Bunny, well in Tallys opinion he felt like he did not want to try and fool his son into believing in a pretend character he said something along the lines of as a parent we would not try and make our children believe Elmo was real so why Santa and he also brought up a great point that it kind of sucks of a make believe character to get all the credit for the gifts we work so hard to provide... I had Daddy read the blog as well and it was very enlightening we as well as Tally want very informed children and we knew we need to tell JJ, James and Hannah the truth...  So we went out and got the book The Legend of Saint Nick.  We read the story and explained to the kids why Santa came about and who he was and why he started giving gifts.  The boys understood and they were fine with it, Luke was a little surprised that we had played like we were Santa...  It opened up the opportunity to explain that alot of people only celebrate the gifts and Santa and leave Jesus out of the whole thing.  
So we are going in to this Christmas with a new out look an out look I wish we would have really been expressing from the start we are looking at the next few weeks like it's only 20 days until Jesus Birthday not its only 20 days till Santa comes...
I am looking forward to waking up on Christmas morning and exclaiming it here is Jesus Birthday and I am giving you these gifts to show the love I have for you just like God showed his love for us by sending his son Jesus.

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