Thursday, March 6, 2008


As you all know I LOVE Comments!  I have even referred to them as blog crack once.  I am really mad at blogger today due to the fact that I try to post a comment and the system deletes it, which makes me want to scream, well I did scream and Happy Daddy said are you really looking at that blog at 6:05 in the morning.  I reply if my people want to leave me a comment I will rise up early to check, of course he laughs.
Anyhow...  I would never delete your lovely comments I thrive on them.  
One time before I was super blog savvy, I allowed all comments with out moderation an I got a really mean comment I would have deleted that!
So to the people I totally enjoy reading and that enjoy reading me sorry your comments were deleted!  
Keep leaving comments I LOVE COMMENTS, did I mention that already?


Kelly B. said...

I am just starting a blog and was wondering if you have any "tricks" to share. Like pictures, how do you put them where you want them? I tried to put one on my page and it was HUGE. So much to learn!! I enjoy your blog. It's nice to read about the goings on of another Christian family. Fun and clean reading!!! Have a blessed day!


We are THAT family said...

I just HAD to leave a comment, since we feel the same way about them. I did try to leave comments for several days and it kept asking for your email address, which I didn't have. If you click on 'comments' it lets me leave it, but if I click on the 'envelope' it asks for an email address. Hope that helps!

Happy Mommy said...

Kelly, I blogged for almost a year before I figured anything out!
As for pictures when you get ready to add a picture before you choose what to upload on the right side of the screen you choose size and then I think above that you can choose if you want it on the right side or left side or in the middle.
And when you leave a comment leave your blog address and I will visit you...
Also if you want to add a link like if you want to show a fabulous dress or share what another blogger has written you type their name or content and then in the header bar click the little green circle with the arrows around it fill in the address and there you have it a link.

Kelly B. said...

Yea, sorry! After I hit "publish" I realized that I didnt leave my blog address or my e-mail address. Told you I am new to this!! Anyway, thanks for the response! I guess I am feeding your "fix" though, huh?!! ;o)
I have to admit, after I made my 1st post, I kept going back to see if anyone commented anything....funny thing tough, I had only told one (non-blogging) friend!! Duh. Such a dork!

Okay, it is not accepting my password right now. So, Im just gonna leave it like this. My blog name is BUNCHOFBULL-ERS!
Not sure if you can find it like that!

bunchofbull-ers! said...

ok. lets see if this works now! thanks for your help!