Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lesson in Egg Cracking

This morning started like any other, I awoke to the alarm clock at 6am sharp.  I came out to the kitchen and got Daddy and myself a hot cup of coffee.  I returned to my bed to drink coffee and do our morning Bible study.  By the time we were done reading all three kids were in our room with us and they were hungry.  
Bo asked for eggs which Bo asks for each and every morning.  So I decided to whip up some good eggs with pesto and sun dried tomatoes and cheddar cheese...  
Any way I started to crack open egg number one which until this very day I have always cracked eggs right into the pot of what I cooking or the dry mix of what I am baking, So I started to crack the egg into the pot and then it happened, BLOOD bright red blood came oozing out of the shell, now let me tell you it took my mind at least 10 seconds to register what I was seeing because these eggs came from Walmart not Billy Bobs Po' Dunk Chicken Patch, and eggs from Walmart are from a factory are not supposed to bleed, they aren't even organic...
Once I came to myself again I ran the bleeding egg over to the sink and cracked it into a bowl, (which I might add I will be doing for the rest of my life!) I cracked the egg into the bowl and then I saw it, yes a baby chicken was in the egg that was going to be our breakfast.  
I felt like I might be sick, but the rest of my family found this to be very interesting.  The little chicken had the form of a chick but was only a little over the size of a quarter.  Daddy  thought this was a great home school lesson and he and the boys talked  about it for quite sometime while I reluctantly cracked eggs into a bowl to check for blood and baby chickens.
I must tell you it was really hard to eat breakfast this morning!  My boys never gave it a second thought- But baby girl wouldn't touch the stuff!
I was going to take a picture but I thought I might lose readers if I did so I thought better of it and didn't.
Good Morning and take it from me crack eggs into a separate bowl before adding to your food.

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Liz said...

ewww, I wouldn't have eaten breakfast either.

(here from One Thing - nice to meet you!)