Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cherry Dump Cake

1 Box yellow cake mix
1 can crushed pineapple
1 can cherry pie filling
3/4 c shredded coconut
1/2 c chopped pecans
10 tablespoons melted butter

pour the can of undrained pineapple in the bottom of a 9x13 glass pan then spoon the pie filling over that, sprinkle the dry cake mix on the top of both, drizzle the butter over the cake mix then sprinkle with coconut and pecans. Bake at 350 for 45 to 50 minutes. Serve with vanilla ice cream.
This is my most favorite cake ever!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

corndog pie

Corn dog Pie
8 hotdogs
1 can of chili beans (or real chili 1 1/2 cups)
broken up pieces of cornbread
Place the hotdogs in a 9x13 put chili on top then the cornbread then cheddar cheese. Bake at 350 until the cheese is melted well.

Two more Blessings!

Yesterday the kids and I drove up to DC to see the babies... I am just so blessed by this experience, this whole experience! I shared with Dana yesterday what I longed to share this with her, to have her proudly show me her beautiful children, to be truly happy and excited to share them with me. Dana being as close as my sister, I had much anticipation about meeting her babies, I love babies and the day she told me she was pregnant I loved her babies, I prayed for them before she ever even conceived, knowing that they implanted her with two eggs in the invitro process I prayed everyday for both of those eggs (babies) I just was not believing she would only have 1 child... so the day they came into this world at 25 weeks and 5 days, I was broken hearted, I was a great actress that day trying to hold myself together and be strong for Dana and Joe while I was dying inside not knowing if either one of these tiny little one pound babies would make it through that day, being with her as she first saw them was the hardest thing I have ever been through, it was nothing I had hoped and dreamed we would get to share upon the birth of her children. So yesterday was more than wonderful, it was just as I had thought it should have been the first time.! Tate is over 5lbs now and the only tube you see is a feeding tube, amazing! Reese is getting very close to 5lbs herself, she is on room air only as she is still a little groggy after laser eye surgery the air is just a little precaution. Both babies are healthy and growing stronger everyday! By the BLOOD OF JESUS these babies are perfect! I was also so impressed with Dana, when we walked in she said "do you want to hold Tate?" I said sure and looked around for someone to help us and Dana moved the cords, opened the bed and picked up HER baby boy... She has come so far I saw no new mother fear she was so confident in herself as a mother as she picked up her little boy and kissed him and told him she loved him my heart was truly moved, I can't say enough about the joy I saw in her yesterday, I have prayed for this moment, and God has blessed me again with allowing me to be apart of two more miracle children's lives. God is so Good all the time!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I was talking with a friend this morning about how God had laid it on my heart to help equip wives and mothers to live in their full potential. I know the most important job I will ever do is first be a witness for Christ and second is to be Daddy's wife and Luke, Bo and Dasiy's mommy. I find in talking with other (shms) Stay-at-home-moms, 9 times out of 10 these woman question their worth, question their ability, question if they should even be home or at work... God has given us as mothers the greatest gift after his son and holy spirit it is our children. Psalms 127:3 tells us Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.
I felt the Lord leading me to share with this sister in Christ what God was leading me to do and about the group I wanted to lead... With her voice trembling she said I question my value, I want to goin a group like that. I see the hand of God preparing to use me to grow his kingdom in a way like I have never been used before, I am so excited about sharing myself with young wives and mothers!
I want to recommend anyone who reads this blog to read the Power of a Praying Wife and the Power of a Praying Parent!
I feel like I am being more and more blessed each day as I except the jobs God has for me, washing dishes as if Jesus is coming for dinner (Because he is), Sweeping the floors so my home can a clean environment for me to share at a moments notice, getting up early to make breakfast cleaning up breakfast so I can make lunch and cleaning up lunch just so I can prepare Dinner, Playing games with the kids I don't even understand so that I can build a relationship with them that will be so strong that no matter what faze of life they are in they will remain close with Daddy and I. The world says these jobs have no value, I say these Jobs are the most important jobs a woman can do. Ladies just read Proverbs 31 if you dare....
Don't get me wrong I in no way want to devalue the woman who work outside of the home, this is the choice of these family's, and am sure is never an easy choice of any mother,I do however want to validate the SHMS, who give up their life for or life as they once knew it to be with their children 24/7.
Be blessed today and go play with your kids!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I talked with Daddy again this morning about another baby... Daddy had a vasectomy a year ago last Feb. Lilu was only 7 months old. It was by my recommending that he had this done, I had been at SAMS CLUB, Bo got sick, Luke fell out of the cart and before we could even get to the car Hannah had a major blow out! I was so tired, I did not want more children I was done, so from the parking lot of SAMS I called and made Daddy the appt. When we went for the initial consultation I lied my way through all the questions, 1. are you sure you don't want anymore children(NO MORE) 2. Have you thought about this for sometime you are still very young(YES)3.what if one of your children dies will you still be ok with this decision(YES). I was not sure if I was really ready to make a life long decision about our family at 27 and 30 years old, I would never be ok with the death of a child and only having 2 children...
I started to feel horrible guilt when  Daisy turned 1, I thought it will pass, then around the fall I was just plagued with guilt I prayed for God to forgive me for asking Daddy to have a vasectomy and for not letting God plan our Family, I started getting rid of some of our baby things only to feel much worse about what we had done! I have since stopped asking God to forgive me and started praying for Daddy to have a desire for more children.
I was told we might never have children and God healed me from infertility blessed us with 3 children and I said (I'm done God Thanks but no thanks)...
I am over come with emotion just trying to write this blog...
Daddy and I have been praying together about what to do next, we have went on-line and found a Doctor  that does the surgery for $6092, I want Daddy to be happy and Gods word says Happy is the man who's quiver is full... Daddy is still feeling very content with 3 kids he does not understand why I want more, he argues that we don't have enough time now and what about money, I just want to continue to have all the blessings God has in store for us, I don't want to be done having babies, I'm not even 29 yet, I am not ready to NEVER nurse and rock a tiny miracle. My heart is so broken about this subject I can hardly even talk about it with my friends or family, most of who think 3 is enough anyway... I really truly want Gods will in our live about everything. I am continuing to pray for his will and Daddy's heart to change, not to make me happy but because he himself sees that another child in this Family would only bring joy. I am also through this time realizing how each of our children are so unique and I am experiencing joy with them that I think I was missing before in my rush to get through another long day with 3 little kids, I am able to realize how much they are changing and growing. I love being a mother just as much as being a wife, with all my heart and soul.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Daddy and I after much prayer have decided to file a religious exemption for homeschooling our children...
I have read over several peoples letters and have found some very interesting biblical references as to training(teaching) your children, Deut. 6:5-7 , I know we are to be in constant training of our children. I knew right away that we were able to use many different everyday tasks as a chance for learning. We have so enjoyed homeschooling I realized after only a few short weeks of teaching Luke that I had always thought I was called by God to be a wife and mother but God also called me to teach my children, I guess I have always been their teacher but now I teach school...
I almost felt guilty at first for wanting to file religious exemption, as if I was trying to get out of sending in test, and curriculum approval letters. Daddy and I are very competitive people we love to challenge ourselves and our children so test taking is a big thing here, we take 2 spelling sound tests a week and a review of all material at the end of each week, so no problem I can send in test results. I love our curriculum (saxon math and language) which is also no problem with our school board. So we could easily get approval this way. I after much prayer realize this is not myself trying to get out of anything! This is my reason for homeschooling and it always has been. I do not need and never will need approval for teaching my children about the ONE AND ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD JESUS CHRIST! Public school will not allow any talk of this but they will teach about Darwin and evolution. I have been reading Ann Coulters book -Godless The Church of liberalism- She talks about a school in Mass where children are taught about anal sex, oral sex and asked to practice making orgasm faces - yes you read that right- in public school, oh and this presentation was an aids awareness rally that parents were not made aware of or asked permission for their children for, and this was for 6th-12th graders, schools are also no longer allowed to teach that abstinence is the only way to remain disease free that would discriminate against sexually active teenagers, I was appalled, where do they come up with this stuff? No my children will not be attending public school not now not ever! I have complete confidence in homeschooling and where I fall short as a teacher Daddy fills in the gaps... We are blessed to be in a state that does not have a whole lot of problem with homeschooling now, but I feel confident if we get a democratic president that might change so I will be submitting the letter by the end of the month.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Italian Sausauge pasta dish

Tonight is Pasta night. One of my favorite quickie dinners is this simple pasta dish.
1lb Turkey or regular Italian sausage
1 sm onion
1 bell pepper
1 lg can diced tomato (drained)
1 can sliced or whole olives
1tbl basil or Italian seasoning
salt and pepper to taste
5 tbs butter, margarine or PARKAY fat free butter spray
Brown the sausage, onion and pepper. Once sausage is browned and veg are soft add tomatoes, olives, seasoning and butter. Mix well and allow enough time for the flavors to mix. Put on top of your favorite cooked pasta. I use linguine.

High speed

Oh my GOODNESS!!! We just got cable modem WOW! After dialing in at around 48-56k this 2598k is amazing! I think our little country town is growing...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Yesterday Daisy started throwing up around 4pm and didn't stop until 4am... Daddy and I took turns holding her and comforting her while she was so restless. We make a great team, Daddy and I, he is such a great father, he pulled her hair back as his little girl was sick, he rocked her and whispered its ok into her ear, it was very wonderful to see my husband nurture our child, I guess I find this so amazing because until 2 years ago my father was not part of my life... It never ceases to amaze me how much Daddy and I love our children with so much unconditional love and how much Daddy and I love each other. So today we are sleepless Daddy is at work and I am here mothering 3 sick little ones. Luke still did school today, I am not sure how productive I was as a teacher but he got an A+ on his spelling sound test and end of the week review test so even sleepless I'm not doing so bad.
The repairman called about the washing machine it will be another $564.90 to fix it YEAH RIGHT NOT IN THIS LIFETIME! So it's off to Lowes we go. I will be back to the laundry in a few days.
My Grandma's chest x-ray came back clear, just another prayer answered, I am so thankful. She will be seeing a cancer specialist on the 7th of May and we will be starting the recovery very soon I pray!
I am in shock as I watch the terror unfold on the news about yesterdays terrible shootings. I am so thankful we have chosen to home school our children for so many reasons and one is this world is so crazy, people wanting their way above anything else never thinking things through, I-want-what-I-want-right-now-no-matter-who-or-what-I-hurt-getting-it mentality is ruining this country and yesterday is another example of a confused young man angry and acting without thinking it through or maybe just selfishness. I have been praying for the family's of the children and Professors killed praying for peace during this tragic time.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Looking at the future

I must say as I just went and stirred the pot of chicken and noodles God spoke to me. (he often speaks to me as I cook) See so many people Myself included spend to much time dwelling on the here and now, I know the washer will be fixed and we won't have to wear dirty clothes because God says He will supply all of our needs in Christ Jesus, I could always go to a laundry mat that would just be inconvenient as specially with 3 children! Anyway I tend to think on the now not the real out come, I will not let myself be robed of an opportunity to have a great day. I think I have been in a really bad mood all day anticipating the results of the x-ray my grandma had on Friday, although the cancer had not spread to the liver I guess the lungs where still at risk, so the real out come is to have faith, Faith that God is always in control, believing Jeremiah 29:11 For the plans I have for you are to prosper you and not to harm you to give you a hope and a future. The real out come of my family moving in is an opportunity to serve others, to really sacrifice, to show my children how we help others, care and love others. I have just spent so much time thinking about when my family gets here and to have all the plans I had been making change so quickly has well kind of knocked me off my feet a little. I am so happy they are coming, I am so happy my children get to have their grandma Kristy be a part of their everyday lives I am so Happy that not only do they have their grandma but both of their great grandparents as well, I am sure we will have our fair share of struggles with 3 adult woman in one home but I am looking forward to this opportunity to grow close with 2 of the 3 most important woman in the world to me, My mom and grandma during a time when they can lean on me. So as I try to focus more on the future and not just the days troubles I am drawn to 2Corinthians 4:16-18 That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying our spirits are being renewed everyday. For our present troubles are quite small and won't last very long. Yet they produce for us immeasurably great glory that will last forever! So we don't look at the troubles we can see right now rather we look forward to what we have not yet seen. For the troubles we see will soon be over, but the joys to come will last forever.

Happy Mommy's Chicken and Noodles

Today is Chicken and Noodles for Dinner a real comfort food and I need some comforting! The kids are still sick, the washer is broken and $147.00 later the repairman still has to order parts, he will get back with me on a price for that... The floors are in need of mopping and bathrooms need cleaned and I am going to eat chicken and noodles today!!!

8 pieces of Chicken(4 thighs 4 legs dark meat is where all the flavor comes from)
30 Baby carrots cut in half
3 stalks of celery
1 Cup of frozen peas
4 tbls good chicken base (I use worthington original)
Pepper to taste
1 Bay leaf
1 can cream of mushroom soup
Corn starch for thickness
Good frozen or dried egg noodles
Boil chicken until done, remove from pot and refrigerate until later. Add all veg and boil until tender. Now add soup and mix well. Then thicken with Corn starch. Add the chicken back to pot and then add the noodles until soft. Enjoy... Maybe make some biscuits with honey butter to go with this.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sick kids

We are missing church today... Two sick kids! I remember when before we had our own children I just could not understand how peoples kids where always sick. I must have judged them because I have learned that every single judgement I have cast and I mean every single has come right back on me! I know I thought people were using their children being sick as an excuse for getting out of some responsibility. I have since learned not only do you miss out on responsibility's but all the fun things as well. Raising a young family takes so much sacrifice. We chose to have our 3 close together and I am truly thankful. I will remember the young mothers when mine have grown out of this sick (every other week all winter long) time of our lives. I think we need to lift each other up as mothers, take a casserole or something if a friend has not left the house in 2 weeks.
I remember two times in the almost 6 years of mothering that a sister in Christ blessed me this way. Once was a Friend Cindy Caron helped me so much, Luke was 2 and Bo was only about 4 months old we were part of a church plant Focal Point (can find link on home page) We were all sick Luke had Croup, Bo had an ear infection and bronchitis, I had bronchitis and Daddy was traveling with his out of town job at that time. She was so kind she brought me my medicine and dinner she baked us some dessert bars and prayed with us before she went home, see she had a daughter 16 and a daughter 8 she remembered this time in her life...
Another time was about a year and a half ago one of my dearest friends Heather  who had a 5 year old at the time a 2 year old and twin infants of her own, made homemade chicken noodle soup for us when the boys and Daisy and myself were all to sick to even get out of bed, Daddy just got his new job (not traveling due to 5 years of serious praying) and had no time off to take care of us. She drove over to our house in the woods about a 30 min drive for her, loaded 3 babies of her own into the car in the winter, just to bless us.
I will always remember those times and I pray God will use me as an example of his love and service to others who are in need.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tate and Reese

These are my little nephew and niece born on Feb 19, 2007. Tate weight 1lb 14oz and Reese 1lb 8oz they came at 25 weeks and 5 days. God has been so awesome and has protected these little miracles, they have had little to no difficulties. Tate is weighing over 4lbs now and Reese is at 3lb 10oz as of last week. Congratulations to Joe and Dana!!!


Daisy will be 2 in July she is so amazing!! After have the boys first it is such a blessing to have a little girl to share so many girl things with. I prayed for about a year for God to give us a little girl. I think at my 6 week check up after Bo was born I asked the doctor how long do we have to wait to have another baby he said oh about a year. Bo turned 1 in July 04 and we thought we had better wait another year to expand our family, little did we know after we had made our plans (and left the praying out) God had other plans for us, I was already pregnant. God had heard the prayers of a mothers heart and blessed us with a little girl. In the beginning of my pregnancy I wanted to name her Madison. I love the name Madison, I had a dream when I was about 3 months along that I was in a large stadium with people from church all around me and I held up a little girl and said let me introduce you to my daughter "Daisy", she had dark brown hair and was just beautiful... After waking up from this dream I kept it to myself I love the name Madison. All the while still asking God to bless us with a little girl (I don't think God changes sexes in the womb but I prayed for a girl anyway) So I dreamed the same dream again and this time told my Grandma Betty Lou, She said well you are like "Daisy"in the Bible she could not have children and then God blessed. I was told before Luke that I had Polysistic Ovarian syndrome and it took a great doctor and fertility drugs and of course Gods Perfect plan and then we had our little Boy... So any way I told Daddy about my dream and he and I prayed and decided if we had a girl God would be naming her Daisy and I found out in Feb we indeed where having a girl and she would be named Daisy. 
I took this picture about a month ago.

Happy Mommy's Potato salad

It is leftover night... we went to a cookout at the Miltons with our whole bible study small group last night 39 people encluding children what a small group.
Potato salad recipe
10 Large Potatoes
7 eggs
1 red and 1 yellow bell pepper
4 TBLS sweet pickle relish
1 lbs Bacon
8 oz of shredded Cheddar cheese
1 can black olives
1/2 onion
1 container of Hellman's light mayo
2 TLBS mustard
salt and pepper to taste
1 tea dill

Boil your potatoes just until soft enough to poke through with a fork, go ahead and boil your eggs with the potatoes. Chop up all the veggies and pat dry. Broil the bacon. Mix the veg and the chopped bacon w/ the mayo and seasonings and cheese. Then blend the potatoes and the eggs with that.
Chill for a few hours, I like it warm so I always get a little bowl right then... Oooh it is so good.

whats going on today

I am Happy Mommy, I am 28 years old. My husband is Daddy he is 32. We Have been married for 11 years this fall. We have 3 children Luke 5, Bo 3, and Daisy 1. We are here in the South. Its a very rainy day, Daddy works on Saturdays so it is unusually boring today. Lilu has had a runny nose now for a week and Luke now is sick as well.
Today I am praying for Grandma Betty Lou, she was diagnosed with Cancer on Wednesday, colorectal cancer... See I moved to the south 9 years ago and have been begging my grandparents and mother to move here so finally a year ago last January they said yes a very big move for a 78 year old man and a 76 year old woman. It took over a year for the house to sell the house, the house my mother my Aunt Dana and I all grew up in. It sold The last week of March I packed up the kids and drove to Ohio to help pack. It only took a few days to realize my grandma was sick, she with little prodding told me she had been having diarrhea for 5 months I could not belive this ! I took her to the doctor and well we found out this week she has cancer.
So everything is changing My Grandparents and my 50 year old mother are all moving in with us. It was going to be for a few months while they had a house built now they can't take on a morgage payment with cancer looming over their heads.
I want God to show his will I want her to Live 20 more years I want my own family not to struggle with 3 adult house guest. I want to be able to serve the needs of my husband and children while being a blessing to my grandma while she is sick. God tells us he does not give us more than we can handle, I will hold strong to this.