Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Time

Do you remember how excited you were as a child for Charlie Brown to come on, it's not quite the same for our kids they have the movies on DVD. I have tried for over a week to get the kids to watch Prancer with me to no avail.... (Prancer is my favorite) I think the older I get the faster the whole Christmas season flies by! I no more than get the tree up than its time to take it back down again. This year we are in such a small house it has been really hard to get excited. Our old home has yet to sell and we are still living in the small house we bought to use as a rental. I searched our storage unit for our Christmas decor and found 8 large boxes and appently that was not all of it, I never found the Christmas star so I made a bow. I never found the nativity so this year we don't have one, that really stinks because well it is all about Jesus!

Tonight we are having a Christmas program at church, the kids are so excited and I am enjoying each minute of watching them grow into such fun personalities! We have baked 5 kinds of cookies, that part they love!

Just wanted to stop in and say hello and Merry Christmas bloggy world! From the Happy Mommy Family

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We are still on the move

We moved yet again in July, only 6 months from our first big move we made another big move. We are now somewhat closer to our old home, we are now back in the same state just several hours from our friends.
We are really really happy here, this is a small country town with southern charm to say the least. We are becoming active in our new church and the kids have jumped into football and dance classes and are really loving it here.
Still no baby in our future as of now, but I will say as time continues to pass we are more at peace. We are really in no position to have a baby with 2 mortgages as we wait for hour old home to sell. Just recently we moved my mother and grandmother to this small town to live closer to us, they also love it here.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things have been looking up

We moved....
HD's company moved us to a neighboring state. I really hated it at first, to be honest I felt like God was just not listening to me anymore, after two years of begging, pleading and crying for a baby still God was saying wait or maybe NO and I was not hearing very clearly. Then we were moved away from our comfort zone. From all of our friends, from our beautiful home.
Have you ever felt like GOD where are you? Boy I have felt like that more in the last few months of my life than any other time. Yet he is right here. He never pulls away, we do, He never leaves when we don't do what He want's us to, Yet when He doesn't do what we want we pull away, He never stops loving us.
I have started to make some friends here and it is not the worst place in the world to live, it is colder which if you have ever read this blog you know there are two things I hate more than anything else, Rain and snow... But even with that I am adjusting
We are renting a small house in the city, talk about big change from a 12 acre mini farm with our own chickens to the city with a bus stop right in front of our house! CRAZY! The kids like it, it only takes 5 minutes to get anywhere. There are great restaurants on every corner, that is nice too!
We have a basement to play in, a walk up attic to hide in, and they have made the best of it. HD and I have really relied on each other for friendship which I had never realized had shifted, we had so many friends back in our old town that we didn't need to talk as much. Here we only have each other, it has been nice to get back to ourselves and the relationship we value so much.
This area is not a churched community, that is a big difference from our old city which had one of the biggest Christian Colleges in the country. I know God wants us here, I know our story will help more people here, I know I don't always get what I want.... I also know God loves me even when He tells me no....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is anybody out there?

I am sure by now anyone who ever read this blog is long gone! I am up late this evening and I thought I would up date my life on the WWW....
My husband HD is losing his job at the end of January, we will be moving to a bordering state. We are just so sad about the move! We have not told our children yet and don't plan to tell them until after Christmas.
We have put all baby dreams on hold after a failed attempt at artificial insemination this past October, it was a really hard decision to do the IUI and after it failed I just think we need to take a step back. God has made it clear I am no where near ready to think about adoption and with HD not having a job God is in control.
We are busy busy with life and at times I do miss this blog, I sometimes think of things I would love to say.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well, there is more than one way....

I last blogged about how my wonderful church family surrounded HD and I with love and prayers, helping us to step into the forgiveness God had given us from our past mistakes.  

Over the last two blogless months, we have traveled and spent time with family and friends.  First the kids and I went and visited Dana and the babies up in DC we went for a week, we swam and had a great time.  During our visit we met a family at the pool who our kids played with.  It was so much fun.

We came home just in time to have our annual 4th of July party, we had my brother and sister in law, and their children, Dana and Joe and Babies, and our Soldier girl Regan, as well as our family and friends from here, for a big party.  It was so much fun!  Except for the part where my niece "C" choked really choked on a War head candy, I had to do the Heimlich maneuver on her, word of advice this candy is so sour that at 6 it locked her jaw and she almost choked to death, very scary!  Thank you Mr. Heimlich for your maneuver.

Let me back track I get away with myself, I have so little time to blog these days I want to type as fast as I can before a child needs me....

Over the last few months, after we asked our group for prayer, yet again our hearts are changing, funny how when you give God control he takes it!  See my wonderful husband came to me a few weeks after we had the Wed. night prayer and asked me if I ever thought the reason we weren't pregnant yet was because God really wanted us to adopt?  I said " Well I hadn't really thought about it, I kind of feel like that's the last resort."  At this point he says I think maybe it's supposed to be the first resort...  WHAT?  HD goes on to explain that he is feeling God leading us to adopt, we know we really want a little girl we want Daisy to have a sister so much, and we feel like we should already have a child, I often feel like a 2 year old girl is missing?  So maybe just maybe God wants us to adopt our child and then and only then will he continue with his plans for us, to either get pregnant or not...  HD admitted to me he has always felt like we should adopt and if I was to get pregnant right now he would never seek out to adopt a 5th child ( he would like us to be able to eat) but if we adopt and then go on to have 5 or more children he would be fine with that!  WOW!  I have to say yet again, my husband is wonderful, a man who is totally happy with 3 kids, has a vasectomy reversal because he loves his wife so much, and now God has went on to show him that not only is he willing to have one more but all that God has for us is just what we both want.
 I have to tell you that it has been a whirl wind, we have looked into the Foster program in our state, with children who's parents, parental rights have been terminated and are for adoption, we are going to get the process started on that end.  We also found out that HD's company will give us 10,ooo$ toward the adoption of any child, infant or older.  We know that we want a girl, we also know she needs to be younger than Daisy.  To tell you the truth, I really have started to feel like my daughter is already born, and an urgency to go get her has formed in my heart.  

After our 4th of July party HD had to go out of town for 2 weeks and when he got this job and stopped traveling we made a commitment to always be together, so when Daddy goes we go!  So off we went back to DC. so I had 2 more weeks of fun swimming and playing and visiting Dana.  I spoke earlier of some people we met at the pool well, one day she mentioned her child's birth mother and my heart skipped a beat, I said "did you say birth mother" You know how when anything big is going on in you life you like to find people who have already walked this road and pick their brain, God placed this woman in my path and she was more than willing to fill me in on the whole process.  She told me of an agency in our State Capital who deals with foster adoption, infant adoption and placement.  I just know God put us together.  

I am making a phone call this morning to this agency and I am praying that his will be done.  I am now ready to start this process and I am ready for what God has for us.  I am sure this will be a long road, but no longer than the waiting I have already be doing.  So for those few who still read this from time to time pray for us, pray we can help a little girl have a better life, pray for our children who ask God daily to give this family more children,  pray for me that I can remain calm and steadfast in this time.  Thank you.