Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It has been along time since my last blog... We have had so many different things going on I am really surprised my head has not spun right off my shoulders! On June 25th Dasiy had her adenoid removed and a second set of tubes put in her ears, she did really well with the surgery. But... as we arrived at the hospital for the surgery my grandma fell in the parking lot and broke her wrist and her hip, I can't even begin to describe how my grandpa and I felt unable to catch her. With in days of being admitted in to the hospital she developed bronchitis and with cancer and a broken hip and wrist this was so bad.
Around this time I called Daddy's Aunt Ruth Anne and Aunt Stacey who have now been nurses for over 30 years I called with a verity of questions. I was really fearful we were going to lose my Grandma... To my surprise Stacey hopped onto a plane and came to help. I am so grateful for the help she has shown our family, she has stayed up and sat with my grandma countless nights taking turns with my mom so I could be with my children.
Through all of the problems God is so good he has a plan much better than we can even imagine! My Grandma was doing so much better surgery to repair the wrist and the hip was scheduled for July 5, on the morning of the 4th as we all were getting ready for the parade the phone rang and the hospital told us my grandma was having a mild heart attack, WHAT where did this come from she does not have heart trouble... We all set to praying for her for protection for Gods will for healing. You see I am a firm believer that Gods will is never for his children to suffer his word tells his plan is to prosper us and to give us hope and a future, I began to rebuke the attack that Satan has tried to place upon my Grandma and pray that as in Jeremiah that God would restore her to health and heal her wounds!
Later that day the EKG showed no heart attack but a fast rhythm so they have placed her on heart meds to insure a regular heart beat.
On July 6th shortly after my Aunt Dana and Joe arrived at my house my grandma was able to have surgery. She did great. We were able to all see her and she is up and moving now.
Everything that the enemy has tried to do to this woman God has healed and helped her through!
I am so grateful for the friend in our small group, I really needed them and they were there for Daddy and I, watching our children making us dinner and even sending beautiful flowers to my grandma. The Small group system in our church is just amazing, I know each one of the family's in our group would help us with anything this is such a wonderful feeling knowing we have such strong relationship with other Christ followers.
On a happy note we held Bo's 4th and Dasiy's 2nd birthday party on Sat. We had a pony and a petting zoo we had 30 of our closes friends and family, we enjoyed a great BBQ and really relaxed for the first time in awhile!
I have learned a few things through all of this first, I am not in control God is and he does a much better job handling things than I do anyway! I can not do everything I need to ask for help and when I do God provides the help I need in the form of people and in his peace which does surpass all understanding! I have learned alot about my church friends they love us and are amazing people, I have grown in my love for them as well, as specially my friend Kim who even with her own small children took on my three for a whole day, who let me cry on her shoulder when I was really scared and who I truly know has prayed for our family daily. I cherish her friendship so much and am very thankful God has blessed Daddy and I with Zack and Kim as our friends. I also know how much my sister in-law Jess means to me, see I know I love Jess and I know she is one of my best friends but while I have been going through a family crisis Jess has prayed for us and called us daily her comforting words and love have meant the world to me I love her so much and am a so thankful she is the woman God choose to bless Zack with, she is an asset to our whole family and is an amazing woman who I love so much! And Daddy's Aunt Stacey is one of the most loving and kind woman I have ever been blessed to know! She is so helpful she is just wonderful and I am very thankful God has blessed us with her. Any doubt I had about living on the 120 acres as neighbors with Daddy's aunts has been completely changed, I will be happy to live with them as our neighbors and our children will be blessed to have there family so close!
I am also very thankful that God has blessed us with another day with my Grandma.