Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thinking about

Today is rainy I hate rain you all know how I feel about that!
I have been thinking today...
Daisy has her tonsils removed on Thursday
Winter is coming
I hate rain
Whats up with the follow me on the blog
I am now following blogs
I might be a follower
Chocolate is better hot
I need a good book
I want to go somewhere, I don't like staying home
I hate the rain
I want to be pregnant
Everywhere I look there are pregnant woman
If I am pregnant I will have a baby in June
June is the diamond birth stone
Hunting season starts Saturday
I won't be seeing much of HD
I need to clean out my closets
I need to go get Daisys pre ob testing done
I am stalling because she is going to have blood work and she is going to freak out
My Grandpa has a spot on his lung
He is having a second xray today
I want to see TBM and those babies
My sister Molly
Christmas is on a Thursday
I hate the rain
I hate when people say we need the rain...
Ruby Wife is going to have her baby any day
Babies smell so good

Ok so what have you been randomly thinking about?  Please give me more to think about.

Our Weekend

Our weekend started with an hour long couples massage, it was wonderful!  We went to this elegant European day spa and talk about pure bliss, it was!  HD bought me 3 really pretty nail polishes while we were there.  And let me tell you now if I was a rich woman I would get a massage every week!  After our massage we went out for lunch and then on to the hotel.
I went in to the bathroom to get freshened up and when I came out this is what I found...

For my 30th birthday HD bought me a 2.5 carat forever band.  And had my diamond reset in white gold.  It is absolutely breath taking!  

Did I mention the love letter...  HD wrote me a love letter, it was one of the most touching thing he has ever done, I will cherish my love letter forever!  

Then we went out to this amazing restaurant sushi bar.  I loved getting all dressed up, the best part was having my husband keep his eyes on me all night long, its incredible after 14 years we are still so much in love, I loved each and ever moment of our time together this weekend!

On Sunday we went walking around, we went out to breakfast and spent a great afternoon together.  I hope we don't have to wait to long to be alone like this again.  HD made me feel like a Queen, I never opened one door, he held on to my hand like I would fall if he let go,keeping me close to him every minute, everything was just so romantic and special.  Thank you HD for loving me, Thank you for making me the happiest woman in the world, Thank you for being my hero, my everything, my forever and always!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Happy Mommy - She's 30!

Hi everyone...it's Twice Blessed Mommy here guest posting in honor of Happy Mommy's 30th (yikes) birthday. Here's a little back story for those of you who don't know~

HM is my niece and we are 14 years apart. I was in the 8th grade when she was born and felt so proud to become an aunt. I was the instant babysitter - me and my friends thought it was a lot of fun taking care of her. Over the years, HM and I became very close and actually, I felt like she was more like my little sister.

She is one of the sweetest persons you could ever meet and anyone who does meet her, wants to become her friend. I count on her for a lot in my life...marriage counselor, mommy guidance and sisterly advise. I know she is the one person in the world who would do anything for me without hesitation. She loves me unconditionally and loves my children with all her heart.

She was there for me standing right by my side the day I got married and she was there for me shortly after my little babies were born 16 weeks early. That really meant a lot to us to have her and HD there in the first few days for support. I don't know what I'd do without her in my life and hopefully will never have to find out.

I love this girl more than words can say and I wanted to tell you all about it on her big day. I've always tried to make sure she knows how special I think she is and how proud I am of her. So, with all that said, I'd like to share a few of her birthday pictures with you.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of her and my dad when she was about 9-10 months old? (I'm not exactly sure because there is no date on the back of the photo). Ok, this one isn't a birthday picture but I liked it anyway.

This next picture was taken on her 8th? (again, no date on back of pic) birthday. If you look real close, you can see me sitting on the couch with my slip showing..nice.

This last picture was taken on her 15th birthday. We were at Marion's Pizza (home of the square pizza) in Dayton, Ohio. She was growing up right before my very eyes. I really love this picture of her.

So, here's to you Happy Mommy....may you have many, many, many more birthdays to come. And just a word of advise ~ If you're freaking out about 30, just wait until 40 rolls around!

I love you! ~ Aunt Twice Blessed Mommy

Friday, September 26, 2008

Daisy did What!

This week has been a whirl wind!  I had the perfect picture all ready for yesterdays fro me to you and I didn't even have 5 minutes to sit down and do it!
We have had colds sweep across the house of Happy again!  I totally emphasize the word AGAIN!  i am so sick of being sick!
I am doped up on cold medicine right now trying to convince myself I am well I am well!  All the while the smell of Vick's on my chest is not the perfume I think HD would prefer for our weekend away!
So guess what my sweet little girl did?  She cut her hair!  Yes she did, no I am not kidding she cut her hair!  I flipped out!  I yelled and ranted and raved and I believe there were tears hers and mine!  I called Ruby Wife who thankfully swept in to save the day!  She said come right over!
We did and my girl has a new do....
She is absolutely beautiful!  I love her hair cut, I don't want to make  a big deal about how beautiful it is or she won't realize just how bad this could have been, but on the other had she is so lovely and it is so stylish I can't stop telling her either.
So drum roll please.....

Here she is, beautiful right!  Have a wonderful Friday and I will be having a great weekend!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A weekend review

I had a very nice, peaceful, relaxing, quite, weekend.  We had pizza on Friday, HD brought it home and that's just as good as him cooking dinner for us actually it's even better, if he would have cooked I would have had a big mess to clean up.
I finished the great book I was telling you all about last week, it was one of the best books I have ever read!  Saturday the boys had a football game.  HD coaches the team that Bo plays on, they lost by one point which is even hard than by 20 by the look on his face.  I have never been as mad as I was at this game (about a game)  Bo got tackled, that's life...  As he got up this big kid much bigger than the average 5 or 6 year old comes up and tackles him again after the whistle was blown and to add insult to injury he kicked my kid!  I was totally outraged, like I am so glad I wasn't sitting with his mama because I don't think I could have invited her to church after I told her what I was thinking.  I hopped up and yelled for the coaches  HD ran to Bo because he had the wind knocked out of him, I then jump up seeing that the referee is doing nothing and he tells me I didn't see it.  I champ went back out and played but still doesn't understand why someone would want to hurt him and why he would tackle him after the whistle was blown, I tried to explain to my innocent son that in life alot of people  cheat, Bo was upset because the team cheated with an illegal play at the end making the winning touch down and I again explained that sometimes it looks like the cheater wins but he never does he is left knowing the victory isn't real, he is let at the end of the day with nothing.
Luke's team also lost their game.  They lost 36 to 6 and as I said before that's better than by 1 point at least to the kids it is.  We came home from football after a quick stop at the book store so that I could buy the last two books in the Twilight series.  When we got home Bo wanted to lay down, did you hear me Bo wanted to lay down so I did what any good mother would do I took his temperature because my children do not ask to lay down, not ever.  He had a fever 101.1, whats up with the rash of sickness going through my family?  I sent Luke and Daisy outside with HD and I settled in to read while Bo rested watching movies.  I read the whole second book New Moon which is my sister Molly's favorite, and rightfully so it was a wonderful book!  
Sunday morning Bo still sick, I stayed home with him and HD took the other kids to church, guess what I did, I read the next book Eclipse, did I mention that they are 600-700 page novels?  Oh and if you have a morel aversion to Vampires the book is also about Werewolves.  I love a good fiction book and they are not scary in the least.  The series has a wonderful romantic twist, and the author is just amazing she is never smutty in the least, never talking foul or even having sexual content because they couple are unmarried, Wow a book with morels after all!  I have read more smut in Redbook magazine than this Series by far!
So today is back to normal life no more book reading marathon, not that I don't want to curl up and read the last book in one setting I do, but education first!  School, laundry, ballet at 2, dinner, football, and all the in between.  Any way I want to make this book last since it is the last one.

Did I tell you all yet that my birthday is one week from today?  It is!  I will be .................  Drum roll please, the big 3-O!  HD and I are going away for the weekend, to this beautiful castle like hotel in the mountains it is just beautiful here see for yourself,

Beautiful isn't it!  I hope you all have a great Monday!  I love the start of a new week even if it is one week from me turning 30.

Please pray for my nephew Tate this morning he is in Detroit having eye surgery, Twice Blessed has explained the whole thing on here blog you can read the details there, but please pray for him, eye surgery is never an uncomplicated issue.  

Friday, September 19, 2008

I am hooked, hooked bad!

I was reading Rocks in my Dryer last week when she gave a book review on Twilight.  Have you all read Twilight?  If so do not tell me a thing I'm almost done.  I started reading it yesterday and well I am 400 pages in.  I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning read last night, I just can't put it down!
Great book!  Yes it is a non-scary vampire book, sounds kind of weird but it keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more and more.
As I was saying I am hooked.  I called my sister in law Jess yesterday who shares my love of books and she has heard all about it.  I'll be done today and I might just send it to her it's that good!

I am starting my woman's Bible study time today at 9 so I need to get dressed and vacuum before anyone starts showing up.  Or maybe I'll cancel and read my book. just kidding!

I will however be putting Daisy down for a nap at 12 promptly!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fro Me to You~ For the Love of Hats!

In the next three weeks I will explore the love of Hats with you....  My children have always had a deep love for hats, this week I will demonstrate Luke's love for hats.  He still loves them very much!  And even as I type this post Bo and Daisy are wearing a hat right now, playing dress up.

This might just been when it all started...

And then it grew, as so did my chunky monkey baby boy! Just look at those cheeks will you!

The love for hats just got deeper.  We started finding coordinating outfits.

And by George if you can't find a hat make one!

And when you have a deep love for hats and you are two, you will insist that everyone have a hat party, even your Great Grandparents and your 2 week old brother hence starting his love of hats as well.

Although Bo does not seem to be loving the hat he will, come back next week for the proof.

Go to We Are That Family  for more Fro me to you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wildlife abounds

Here in the house of Happy we have had a few adventures as of late....  The skunk from almost 2 weeks ago has still been smelling up my house.  We have only gotten 2 eggs a day since the horrible bear attack on Sunday, and I really think the chickens are still freaked out.  
We haven't had any signs of the bear for the last few days and the wildlife biologist has not returned my call either, which really ticks me off!
Today while I was strolling through Walmart trying to skim over all the new stuff the phone rings, its HD who says where are you?  Walmart.  Good buy some formula.  What for.  A baby.  A baby what!  A baby flying squirrel.
Apparently HD forgot that we have a squirrel dog trained to kill squirrels, hello!  He was working on a phone line some 30 feet up in the air and in the transformer box a mother flying squirrel had made a home for herself and her babies.  HD is bringing them home for me to bottle feed until they are big enough to be let go.  Isn't that a welcomed thought your husband working on a phone line 30 feet up and then carrying little squirrels down the ladder, not so much!
I guess it will be a good home school experience for the kids.  Here is a picture of a flying squirrel if you haven't ever seen any before, they are also called sugar gliders in the pet stores.

The are cute, cuter than a bear and much nicer smelling than a skunk!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The bear and the ballerina

We woke up this morning to an average day, nothing really seemed out of place until HD noticed our bird feeder was missing.  HD comes over to our large window every morning to see if any hummingbirds are hanging out and this morning when he did he noticed our large squirrel proof feeder was missing.  He went right outside and to our surprise it was in the yard, the feeder was hanging from metal cord but now the cord was ripped in two pieces.  The feeder was about 10 feet away and beat all to heck!  It was no doubt a bear, the bear who has been getting into our neighbors trash.

Minutes after we found our badly beaten bird feeder, I decided to call and freak my very bear phobic Mom.  She immediately said I am surprised it didn't bother the chickens....
I ran to the window and two of our chickens were running around the yard, our chickens are not supposed to be running around the yard!  I didn't want to scare the kids and I didn't know what we would find when we got out there so I yelled to HD "the B-E-A-R (all spelling this) G-O-T the C-H-I-C-K-E-N-S  R-U-N, HD does not like the spelling game and me yelling spelling at the top of my lungs so did not keep the kids from getting scared, HD runs from the bathroom as I am running out the door and he tells me to wait!  He went first and you won't believe what that bear did, it literally ripped two boards off the back of the chicken coop so that it could get to our little chicken, all we found of Henny was blood and feathers.

I called the game warden who very rudely informed me that during a drought lots of bears go into neighborhoods, I  quickly stifled her by saying first of all I do not live in a neighborhood I live in the great big forest, and I have for the last 5 years and bears by nature do not go around killing things so I am not calling to tell you I have had a bear sighting but rather that a bear has ripped down walls to kill a chicken and left the corn meal which was easier to reach than the chicken to kill the CHICKEN!  She then changes her tone, and puts me through to a wild life biologist who I never really got to talk to only voice mail, and she tells me oh we are dealing with an agressive bear that is out of character, so like is it come break down my door to get a cookie out of character or like hmmmm thats odd, she said she can't answer that!
We had to go on with our day but I will say we stayed inside, we kept looking out the windows, we kept our dogs inside too.
On a much better note, Daisy had her first ballet lesson today!  She did fabulous for a first timer, she spun with the best of them!  And I do believe she was the prettiest girl in the whole place, I might be a bit prejudice but she is simply beautiful!

We are leaving some lights on tonight so that we can see the bear if he comes back for another free meal, and  I think we might leave our bedroom window open so we can hear any noise.  HD has one of those digital outdoor camera's he is hanging on a tree as I type this, yes he is out in the dark with a very large bear looming around and he is not one bit afraid, me, me, scared to death!  I told him to take a gun for crying out loud and he keeps telling me black bears are more afraid of us than we are of them, I say well you don't see me in his back yard tamping around do you?
If we get any pictures tonight I will let you know...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Did you know...

Did you know that MAC has a photo booth?

Did you know we can spend hours laughing at ourselves on the MAC
Photo booth?

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I was over at Jenni's One Thing and she had taken a test here, it is very funny!  So I went right over and took the test to, because HD is at the garden with all three kids and I am supposed to be resting so don't tell him, ok....
The test had very thrilling results it says I am an extrovert who does well in any size crowd, I am the life of the party and am emotionally responsible.  I am very generous they figured that out from my "t".  Oh and I am a leader or a teacher and very imaginative, and last but not least free from inhibitions.

So there you have it, go take the test for yourself.

The Low Down

I tell you we have had a heck of a week.  MRSA, Tonsillitis, Bronchitis, Double Ear Infections....
My oldest son Luke has been really sick!  If you remember 2 weeks ago it was Bo and Daisy and this week was all Luke he is still so sick that he can't lay all the way down or he coughs and his ears are constantly draining like his poor nose.  On a brighter note, I am feeling better and my leg is usable again at least.  I will have a very small scar on my right shin from the MRSA but other than being really tired I am feeling better.
I mentioned that the medication for MRSA in unsafe in pregnancy and again this month that is no longer a worry, talk about double edge sword.  I know with a very sound mind that if I was pregnant I would worry about the baby and I also know it was not the right time, but for some reason it doesn't hurt less...  I still want us to have more children.  
I do now however have a whole month to lose the weight I need.  See we had the vasectomy reversal in Feb and I kinda ate like I was pregnant even though I so wasn't and now 7 months later I have 10 pounds OK I am telling a big fat lie it's closer to 20.  I guess after doing so well with WW and losing over 95 pounds being at a size 10 doesn't feel fat (Now I know some of you think a size 10 is not fat and it isn't for everyone I am a shorty porty only 5'3 and others of you might just think that Happy Mommy is a lard "A" yes I did just type lard "A" I can't believe I even think lard "A" ok I am way off track here) but it doesn't feel thin either, and to be honest since I am all open like that my jeans are a bit tight these days.  I know how it happens it happens quick, its a cookie here and a casserole there and then the chicken wing dip never helps.  
I need to get with it and lose what I can before I do finally get pregnant I want the best start for the baby as possible!  It was really funny but this morning while I was getting ready to take Bo to his game (he won 3 to 2 go Indians) I was standing in front of the mirror and after 3 kids it's really not to pretty but what came to my mind was "It must me jelly cause jam don't shake like that!" so I am starting WW again for the 83748716597109645 time and I will be Victorious!
Have I ever mentioned that I only have ever gotten pregnant in Oct or Nov guess what happens in Oct and Nov it hunting season, I think there might be a connection...

Happy Saturday, have fun, eat for me and my jelly belly will ya, oh and please pray for Luke!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My color

Your Blog Should Be Blue

Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere.

You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant.

From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let me tell you a story of a dog I once loved

It all started last Saturday, HD was so excited about the first day of squirrel season and yes we eat squirrel and yes we are red necks and yes I make gravy with it and yes I am bare footed right now...

Anyway the Christmas before last HD talked me into getting the kids a little squirrel dog which means that he really wanted a dog y'all, and in honor of Jesus Birthday we gave our kids this little puppy his name is Bo

We love Bo he is a good dog I can count on both hand the number of accidents he had in the house as a puppy, he is smart! He is also a very sweet dog, he seems tender hearted if you will, he never needs to be yelled at like my other stubborn bull headed bull dog Star

I guess when you are 110 pounds you can be stubborn...

At 10 months old Bo got bit by a copper head snake and as HD ran him into the house his whole body froze with paralysis it was awful, we gave him mass doses of vitamin C and a shot of penicillin (we keep penicillin ever since the stubborn bull dog got bit by a copper head snake the fall before, big difference in size) We prayed all night, that when morning came we wouldn't have to tell our kids that while they were asleep their beloved dog the dog we had all grown to love so much had been bitten by a snake and....
God blessed our little dog he woke up in the morning moving slowly but better! He has now made it his personal mission to alert us to all snakes of all kinds large and small and make sure we remove them, his bark changes and he comes and gets us. For real like he really tells us.
He guards our chickens, never chasing them or barking, he is the all around dog.
His favorite spot is on the back of our couch were he can see out the window and watch for squirrels to go tree. At night he scoots under our bed, never on the bed but under it, He is a great dog.
On with the story, last Saturday they all headed out for a hunt, the first hunt of the year the gun has been sighted the kids were excited the dog was ready! It all started really well HD tells me he treed a few that's hunt'n terms (you just never know what your gonna learn over here at the Happy house)

I was at home preparing for my mom's birthday dinner, Twice Blessed Mommy was at my house and Ruby Wife was giving my mom a pedicure all was relaxing and well until the worst thing happened it is really almost to hard to talk about...

It started like this

And ended like this

My dog found this, and that's not a nice black kitty with a white stripe, OH NO it's it's a SKUNK!

Now let me say HD did a few things right in this situation, he told the boys to get back! He grabbed the camera, but he forgot to grab the dog, instead he took a picture of the skunk, and then the skunk sprayed our dog, the dog we love but can no longer be around, then he brings the stink dog home and opens the door to yell for me and lets it in the house, Ruby Wife is like ready to pop pregnant and she almost got sick right on my mom's feet!

We have bathed him in Tomato juice, lemon juice, mouth wash, mouth wash and dish soap, fabric softener, fabric softener and mouth wash, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, we have tried every concoction known to man!

As for the dog we once loved, we love him but he has been spending a lot of time outside! We let him in right as we are going to bed and put him in his cage, by the time the sun comes up the whole house is stinking again so out he goes! I hope it starts to wear off before it gets cold!

Fro Me to You~ My pregnant friend

* I had to delete most of the pictures from this post due to the large number they corrupted my blog!  I will re post them in another post.

* The reason for my long blog break is not due to school, or vacation... I have been bedridden y'all! I had MRSA on my lower right leg causing me to be unable to walk. I have had 3 very strong doses of medicine and am on 2 different kinds of antibiotics. One of the antibiotics is iffy if you are pregnant and with us trying, it has had me scared. My cycle is over on Sunday so I don't even know what to pray except Gods will, I have wanted to be pregnant for so long but with such a horrible infection this doesn't seem like the right time.*

On Sunday afternoon I had the privilege of photographing Ruby wife and family. First let me say Ruby Wife is such a wonderful friend, she is beautiful from the inside out! I have loved taking pictures since Luke was a baby. Ruby Wife asked me to do her maternity photo's and I was honored and excited. We took over 200 pictures on Sunday over a 5 hour time period. I wanted to share some of the pictures with you all. Ruby Wife is so excited for me to share them as well. Her new baby boy will be making his entrance around 10/16.

These are my favorites

Hope you enjoyed Ruby Wife pictures as much as I did!
Go to We Are That Family for more Fun!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mom and Me MEME

I have been tagged to do a mom and me meme so here goes...

First post a picture of you with your children

1. How many children do you have?
I have 3 beautiful children for now.
2. What are their ages?
Luke is 7, Bo is 5 and Daisy is 3.
3. What time do you start your day?
HD and I get up around 6, we have our first cup of coffee together and start our Bible study, between 6:30 and 7:00 the kids wake up and we all eat.
4. What do you eat for breakfast?
We eat alot of different things, sometimes we eat eggs and toast, baked oatmeal, eggs in a basket, fresh fruit, yogurt, muffins, breakfast casseroles, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, eggs on English muffins with sausage, on occasion we even have cold cereal.
5. Do they watch TV?
Yes, my children do watch some TV, but not during school time, so we don't watch any TV until late afternoon, I let them watch cartoons on Disney and Nick, no real people shows like Hannah Montana on Zack and Cody, I think they have plenty of time for shows like that when they are older. I do make the kids watch one learning DVD each day like Magic School bus or Letter Factory.
6. What are their favorite activities?
Luke~ Loves Playmobile, Lego's. Bo~ Loves Lego's and Playmobile. Daisy~ Love to cut and paste, and play playdou oh and all things dress up.
7. Do you get a break during the day for some you time?
That is a very funny question! I spend the morning teaching school, after Daisy goes down for a nap I prepare our dinner, i.e. cut veggies or peel or chop. While the boys watch a DVD, I sometimes catch a shower and on the rare occasion I might read a magazine or blog.
8. How do you end your day?
We get home from football and hop in the shower, then we eat a snack and then brush teeth, say prayers and go to bed for the kids. HD and I will catch up on the day, we might look at the net together or watch TV.
9. What is your best parenting advice or tip?
The best thing I can think of is to remind you that your the greatest witness your small children have, and God will provide you with many opportunity's daily to share his love with your children if you let him, Don't get to lost in the daily activity's to show Gods love with the children He has blessed you with.

Now tag 5

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Mommy's Slap Yo Mama Chicken Wing Dip

Chicken Wing Dip
4 lg cans of white chicken meat
1 bottle of Texas Pete Chicken Wing Sauce
2 8oz containers of cream cheese
1 bottle of Blue Cheese dressing (the chunkier the better)
8 cubs of shredded cheddar cheese

Place all ingredients in the slow cooker and simmer until melted and bubbly and serve with corn chips!
* I sometimes add extra cheese and blue cheese as well as extra wing sauce from time to time.

Hurry run to the store, you must have this very comfort comforting dip!
We are off to a football game Bo plays at 11 and Luke at 12, I am making snack bags and icing up some Gatorade, I''m team mom. And all the while baking my mom a birthday cake we are having a birthday party for her this evening. I am super busy today!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Baby Shower

Today we are celebrating my best friend Ruby Wife's baby! He will be coming soon, his due date is Oct 16. Dia, Ruby Wife's other best friend, and I are giving her a baby shower today, tonight actually. I am so excited for this new baby to enter our lives! One reason is that I want a baby so bad that I will get to sniff, hug and squeeze one very soon, and you just love your best friends kids it's a given, another reason is that Ruby Wife and her husband have been with us through the whole process of our vasectomy reversal and when we told them initially about the mistake we had made they were contemplating having one themselves, after hearing the heart break of our having a vasectomy and regretting it, they reconsidered, and God has blessed them with another child. I have always been very open about our reversal and I truly feel that for us it was a big mistake and I feel like many times people rush into a vasectomy with the stress of little children and regret it and if my and HD's story can help one family then I am glad to share.
We are going to play the "Don't say BABY" game in which ever woman gets a clothes pin and if she says BABY the clothes pin gets taken away by who ever hears it, the woman with the most clothes pins at the end of the night gets the prize. We are also playing a game where I printed the baby's name at the top of some pretty paper and we see how many different words we can come up with the woman with the most words wins. Ruby Wife was adamant NO wrapping Toilet paper around my large middle or I WILL KILL YOU, I think were her exact words.
Dia is in charge of Chicken salad sandwiches and cake. I am making Chicken Wing dip, BLT Dip a veggie tray and Reese Cup cookies.
I realize that I have yet to share my Chicken Wing Dip recipe with you, that is really a sad shame because it is so good, so warm and cheesy so so delicious.

The End.

Just kidding, but you will have to wait until tomorrow for my Chicken Wing Dip, only because I have to start school now. Did I tell you all that Twice Blessed Mommy was here? She is I have been holding babies already this morning.

Really come back tomorrow for the recipe, it's well worth it and you will be sending me XOXOXO on super bowl I swear!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sincerely Fro Me To You ~ Scooby Doo

We went to Kings Dominion this weekend and had so much fun! We played all day, we had funnel cakes which are a must have! One of our favorite rides was the Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion, you rode in a 4 person Mystery Machine like car and shot at ghosts and zombies while riding.
For this weeks picture I wanted to share our Adventure with you all.

Go to We Are THAT Family for more Sincerely Fro Me To You.

WFMW- The first day of homeschool

If you read this blog on a regular basis you know we home school. We love home schooling! This year we got a late start, we started yesterday. I think that things run more smoothly with a schedule. I wanted to share how we are doing things this year with 2 children doing structured schooling and a preschooler. Our day goes like this- 6:00 Wake up get dressed
6:15 Bible study
6:30 wake up the boys
7:00 eat breakfast
7:30 do short Bible story with all 3 kids
7:40 say Pledge of Allegiance
7:45- 8:30 Luke Bible and SS
8:30-9:00 Bo Phonics
9:00 snack time I also read a story during snack time
9:15-9:30 Daisy Preschool work
9:30-10:15 Luke Phonics
10:15-10:45 Bo Math
10:45-11:30 Luke Math

During school time the tv does not come on. I set up learning stations around the house so the children not working can still be learning. At one station we have pattern blocks and pictures laid out. Puzzles at another station. And construction paper with scissors and glue at another station. I will be switching up the items at the stations, some days we will paint while other days we will do play dough.
On Wednesdays we are going to a homeschooling group. We do a 4 day school week with Fridays open for tests.
What works for me is scheduling each minute of our school time, it gives us a guide line and helps me keep organized. What works for you? This week is backwards week for WFMW, so what can I do to improve our school week? I love ideas about school. For more WFMW go to Rocks in my Dryer.

Bo not ready to get up yet

Luke ready for a new year of school

My school boys

Me, the teacher

Bo and I doing his first phonics lesson the letter "L"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kings Dominion and a Party

*this post was originally posted 2 weeks ago but due to way to many pictures this is one of the reasons you all have been unable to read my blog so I have removed the pictures and will post only a few....

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend! The park was so much fun, it was really hot but still very fun! My kids had a great time! Twice Blessed Mommy and Daddy sure do give great gifts! They took our whole family for Luke's birthday, and then had a party at their house for him the next day. We were so blessed that Regan could go with us. Regan flew home on Monday morning, the kids are missing her already!