Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why am I surprised?

Yesterday was a good day, I talked on the phone for about 2 hours to a dear friend Tally whom was also our Pastor, and a the person who introduced me to the blog world!  We talked about everything from ministry to homeschooling and cyber church.  Tally always  has great incite and wisdom, and is truly Christ lead which makes him not only a great Pastor who we miss but a great friend!  
So while I was on the phone busy cleaning (multi-tasking) my sweet children were playing in their sand box it was only after I hung up and went outside (I have a large window and can see them sweetly playing in sandbox) that I saw that they had now striped down to nothing (yes three naked children) and had filled their sandbox with water and now had a sandy muddy mess, that they were rolling in, totally naked!  Let me explain that we live on 12 1/2 acres of woods in the middle of the country, we can't even see our neighbors.  And we have a long driveway that no one comes down, so the kids were not in any danger of being outside naked or dressed, I guess I am explaining this so that if in some internet world the Children's Services read Mom Blogs to scan for moms who are endangering the lives of their children with mud or anything.  Did I just hear someone knock on my door...  Ok, just kidding!
So I had three very dirty kids and a whole lot of mud.  At some point Daisy thought it would be a good idea to lay on the slide and rub sand into hair, I asked her why, oh why did you do this, she said I was washing my hair.  I had to be really creative to figure out how to get them to the shower.  I filled a five gallon bucket with water and got a bar of soap and wash cloth and tried to scrub Bo clean.  Without giving away our location I will say we have red clay not real dirt and it does not come off easy...  I did the best I could and wrapped him in a towel and ran him to the shower, he weighs only 43 pounds so I could hold him out and run.  Now Daisy's turn, she was by now crying because it was 75 degrees outside but windy and she was naked and now cold.  I really couldn't do much good because she had 3 pounds of sand in her hair.  So I got a beach towel and wrapped her all up and ran her to the shower, of course holding her away from me which was much easier she only weighs 32 pounds.  I had made Luke wait the longest because I have a hunch he came up with the naked idea, I'll never know.  I tried my best to soap wash repeat but by now the deck was a muddy mess.  So I try to scoop him up and I try again and I realize this boy is almost 70 pounds I ain't run'n anywhere with him.  So I had a genius idea I laid a towel down and had him walk to the end of the towel and then I laid another towel down and we repeated this all the way to the shower.  It took me 30 minutes to get the sand out of Daisy's hair.  Thank God we have two water heaters!
I put the kids down for a nap and I did clean the laundry room.  It looks great I wish I would have taken a picture but I totally forgot with the naked muddy kids and all.
So Daddy came home all happy because he loves organization!  And he loves me and when I organize he is just so happy!  We played in the garden after dinner, I call this slave labor but Daddy has convinced the kids this is fun, maybe that's why they are drawn to making mud, still not sure about the naked part.  So again today my children get absolutely filthy!  I showered the younger two and Daddy and Luke stayed up at the garden to play (plant).  
I was done I was tired, I put on a Dora DVD and gave the kids a bag of skittles.  
As we were doing our brush-teeth-wash-face-say-prayers-goodnight routine it looked like Bo had a bloody nose.  I took him into the bathroom to wipe his nose and the blood was orange.  I have him blow, now orange on one side and PURPLE on the other OH NO YOU DID NOT PUT A SKITTLES UP YOUR NOSE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S GOOD IN THE WORLD YOU DIDN'T, DID YOU???????
Yes, Mama I did.  Now we have a rule around here in the house of happy (naked and muddy with skittles up your nose) that if you tell the truth with real remorse for what you have done you don't get a spanking you are forgiven.  "yes, mama, I did and I am sorry, and I love you...."
We blow and blow and blow and nothing but lots of rainbows of color come out.  He tells us he got them out and it was funny.  We do not laugh!  I got a flash light and couldn't see anything so we put him to bed...
Why am I surprised that a day of cleaning turned into a day of naked muddy skittles up your nose adventure.
How many times did I say naked?  Way to many!  Have a great day, I must go the kids are to quite and that means trouble!


We are THAT family said...

Oh my lands!!! You've been reading way too much of THAT family. You go girl, you are IN my club now, seriously. I'm so proud to know you. And just so you know, you used the word 'naked' 9 times. That's a record!

Btw, I so want to buy your 12.5 acres with no neighbors near by! That's what we'd like to move too and get out of Suburbia.

Twice Blessed said...

That little nephew of mine..if he wasn't so darn cute!!! Even w/ orange and purple snot coming out his nose. Also, 100% sure Luke started the "naked mud game"!

Amanda said...

That's so funny! We've not had Skittles up the nose, but we have had Nerds and Legos. Oh children -- when will they learn that candy is for eating?

Becky said...

Hello cyberfriend and mom...

I love the whole scenario...and have to admit that I would have loved a reality show episode like this! :)

My husband once put our daughter down for the night and from a distance as she said "night night" to mom, I thought to that looks like a big, dark green booger in her nose...and went back to my other tasks. (Surely, if there were such a booger, dad would take care of it, right? HA)

Well, happy to report that the next morning I awoke to might sweet, happy girl and got her out of her crib..and lo and behold...a heart shaped purple bead still sat precariously in her right nostril. Twas no booger. Thankful that CPS wasn't in my neighborhood that morning, myself!


Happy Blogging...and may I say to your reversal...I hope you are knocked up soon. LOL

(Misery loves company, we are expecting #8 in Nov)

Becky, the Maid