Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It' been a long two weeks!

We have had so much going on the last few weeks.  We are still very uncertain about HD's job, the good news is with so many people loosing their jobs, we might have to move but he will have his job.  I don't really like the choices they are giving us but we will see.  This Thursday the official offer will be given and we have a week to respond.  We will take the offer and we plan to move.  I really hate this for our kids we have such a great church family and they love it here.
I have been praying nonstop about what God wants us to do and I feel like no matter where we live he will use us and we will be blessed!  He tells us in his word Go and spread the Gospel, so we will go and He will guide us.
We had 14 inches of snow which totally wiped our community out of power, we were with out power and with a well that also means with out running water for 2 days some people were with out power for over a week.  We ate hot dogs in our fireplace for 2 days, oh and sweet  potatoes roasted in the fire.  On the up side we had a great time playing in the snow and eating snow cream.
I will post some snow pictures later today.  I am off to teach some math!  Happy Tuesday!