Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Last night Happy Daddy and I were laying in bed watching tv.  A commercial came on advertising this and I have to admit I was sucked in at first.  There was this young girl wearing a short sundress she was at least 5'9 and I'm sure she wouldn't tip the scales at 120 soaking wet.  She is flitting about and they say she has great legs due to the fact she uses this Nivea firming cream.  Now I am going to be really honest and say for about 3 whole seconds I considered that I must have that!  
And then I came to my senses again and yelled (yes out loud) WHAT!  I know that woman has absolutely no and I repeat no need for leg firming cream she had not one dimple of cellulite on her skinny body.  
I mean if they really want to sell the stuff they should at least show us someone that is wearing a size 12 not a size 2 (do the stores carry size 2)!
I was offended that Nivea wasted my 2 minutes, I could have seen a preview for LOST or even something more worth while like that Edy's ice cream now has peanut butter cup in 1/2 the fat, if we starting eating 1/2 fat ice cream now, by June we might not need firming cream...


We are THAT Family said...

I'm cracking up! You are so right. Now, if you had seen my legs on there, it would have been a different reaction entirely . . . oh my goodness, could that girl use some firming cream!

Julia said...

LOLOLOLOL! I'm loving it! That is pretty hilarious. Do they really think we're that gullible? I guess so, or they would not market their product to us like that.

And don't worry! I talk out loud to the TV all the time!

Enjoy your blog!

gretchen from lifenut said...

We saw the SAME commercial last night, and my husband and I both thought the model was about 15 years old. Clearly never gave birth or has a cell of fat.