Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lets talk about Movie's

I was reading Big Mama this morning and she was listing some of her favorite movie's, it really got me thinking, What are your favorite movies?  Do you all like sappy cry movies, scary movies, or maybe adventure, or romance...
As for Adventure/Suspense - Hello Jason Bourne!  The whole Bourne collection was wonderful!
Oh and I really loved Entrapment with Sean Connery (yes I think that old guy is good looking) and Katherine Zeta Jones.
As for Scary movies let me tell you I really used to love scary movies, love them, then I became a Mommy and I changed, life changed and I can't really watch them anymore, but a few of my favorites were Lost Boys (Vampires),The Sixth Sense, and I can't forget The Stir of Echos which made me grab Dana's arm in the theater causing her to throw our Reese's Pieces everywhere....
I am not really a Romance kind of movie person.  I do however like movies that stir you up and make you cry!
My Favorite movie of all time is The Color Purple if you have never seen this movie, you should!  It is followed closely by Fried Green Tomatoes and of course if I haven't cried enough I would watch Steel Magnolias.
As for comedy I think 50 First Dates is just great! I laughed so hard at The Waterboy and Big Daddy.  And Who can forget There's Something About Mary,
And now let me tell you a few movies that were such a waste of my life, hours I can never get back...  Let's start with The Blair Witch Project, this movie is just wrong, it freaked me out and its so much cussing and cussing. Oh and Natural Born Killers just bloody and weird, The Wicker Man was awful, really awful!
Now tell me what are your favorite movies, and what movies do you wish you would never have seen?

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Twice Blessed said...

I cracked up at this post!! You left out the part where in the Blair Witch, you almost sat on my lap during all the scary parts hence I was prepared for it. And in Natural Born Killers..I can't believe I took you to that movie when you were only 16! I remember afterwards we both looked at each other and said "we should've seen Milk Money"! You brought back some good memories..
Another waste of time was when we saw "The Astronaut's Wife"..hated it! At least we got to eat our Reese's peices that time! Love you.