Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday Night

A few months ago Daddy joined a men's group at church on Sunday nights.  Sunday nights being his day off, I like to be with him.  I have struggled feeling selfish with his time,  I know this group is good for him yet I still want him home with me.
Well last night as I made him a hamburger (after the meeting) he came over and grabbed me swung me around and planted a kiss that curled my toes on me...  He simple said  "thank you for making us good food" and walked away.  Hamburgers?  Good?
So thank you for men's groups, I have no idea what you talked about last night but I will be praying you talk about it again next week!

I mentioned last week that Daddy was having an MRI well he went to the Doctor today, he will be having surgery to repair his torn Meniscus.  We are not sure the date yet.  He is in extreme pain.  
Unfortunately we leave for our beach vacation in less than 4 weeks.


We are THAT Family said...

My hubby is in a similar men's group that meets on Friday mornings at 6 a.m. I've grown so used to my hubby helping me in the morning with the kids before he goes to work that I resented this time too. I know it's so good for him, thanks for reminding me. I don't like it when I'm selfish!

Amy said...

I cam across your blog and love it!
My husband also recently joined a men's group and I am so grateful that the Lord gave him this opportunity. It has been as good for me as for him!

Becky said...

I will be praying for HD when he has his surgery...keep us all posted and mail me a hamburger.

Sometimes nothin tastes as great as a little hunk of grilled cow.

Oh...and as far as all of the spiritual stuff goes...bravo to the both of you...him for his spiritual leadership, and you for your selflessness.

I really know I would benefit from being your real life friend...I already do from being your blog friend. :)

Becky, the maid

Razor Family Farms said...

Bravo! Christian mens' groups do wonders! My husband and I attended ALPHA when we lived in WA and his small group was made up of all men (different ages). I thought, "Great! He's not going to get anything out of this. Just man- stuff." Boy was I ever wrong! Turned out that quite a few of the men were widowers and all they talked about was how much they missed their wives. Josh was so delighted with every little thing I did -- I personally thanked each guy in that group for being such wonderful people.

It was great!

I'm keeping your dad in my prayers.


Happy Mommy said...

Lacy~ I call my husband Daddy because I am Happy Mommy so I call him Happy Daddy or just Daddy on this blog, and thank you for your prayers!