Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Meme Contest

Minnesota Mom Tagged me a few days ago...
What I will do is list 6 things about myself one of them will not be true.  You leave a comment telling me which one you think is untrue, I will then choose a winner from the ones with the correct answer and you will receive a $10 gift card from Target.  I will choose a winner on Sunday night so Please comment!
1. I lived with my grandparents most of my life
2. I was a Worship leader of a church
3. I have had blond hair
4. I weighed 225 once
5. I am allergic to Beef
6. I have extreme morning sickness while I am pregnant

Now guess away!

And I want to tag...


We are THAT Family said...

Ooooh, that's hard. I think I'm going to go with being allergic to beef, although I also can't imagine you weighing 225 lbs!

I'll start working on my meme.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess the incorrect one is that you are allergic to beef. This is a cute meme--=can't wait to find out the correct answer

bunchofbull-ers! said...

Wow, I almost feel guilty for not knowing the right answer!! But I will guess #3 (blonde hair). Ohhhh, I hope that I am right!!

And also, can you tell me how to link your name when I put it on my post? KWIM?!

Thanks a bunch!

Happy Mommy said...

If you want to link let's say someones blog, you highlight the blog name and go up to the top of the page and there is a little green world with arrows around it, click it and then enter the web address and click ok!

bunchofbull-ers! said...

Okay, thanks. ;O)

mtc92405 said...

I think it is the sickness with pregnancy one - #6.
I "stalk" your blog now and again, and I have enjoyed reading it. I don't really use blogger. I am addicted to xanga. If you happen to have an account, you can check out my site here :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Mommy, I do believe it is number3...I haven't heard you tell me that one yet!

Twice Blessed said...

I say #6 - extreme morning sickness. PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!