Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things that make my day better

I have found that things, some things just make a day go well.
Coffee, reading my Bible, starting school as soon as my husband walks out the door, drinking more water, taking long deep breaths, making lunch before the kids are too hungry, praying for a quite voice, reading to the kids, taking time outside, disciplining as soon as the kids disobey, limiting tv, having the meals planned, getting the kids to bed on time, setting the coffee pot, packing Daddy's lunch the night before.
I have also found that some things make the day go really bad, really.
Skipping Bible time, rushing through school, waiting to do school until the house is clean, giving the kids sugary breakfast, letting them watch to much tv, ignoring slight disobedience, letting laundry pile up, running around to much, waiting until the kids are fussy to start lunch, skipping nap time, waiting until a hour before Daddy gets home to start dinner, keeping the kids inside,  letting them stay up late, forgetting to pack lunch, forgetting to set the coffee pot, staying up to late.

So what makes your day better, what makes things go well, what doesn't?


ruby wife said...

Isn't it funny that everything that we do or don't do as wives and mommies can make or break a day?!! No other job compares to being a mommy!! And we love it!! I hope you made the coffee last night!

We are THAT Family said...

What a great question. It's funny. Since having my third baby (born too early with medical issues), I have become a major homebody. I don't get out of the house much. Maybe twice a week.

When I start feeling the walls close in, my hubby sends me to Target.

But I'm in a rut and I like it. I always lay my kids clothes out the night before and fix their lunches. We have a pretty predictable schedule-usually. Of course, when it varies and I DON"T plan ahead, it gets a little crazy!

Becky said...

Diet coke and a happy number on the scale. Of course if I delve into the Word in the morning (or evening) I am a happier mom...but I must confess I often pray to God more than I seek Him in His word.

Those are the things little girls are made of.

Oh, the snakes and snails in my life would be phone calls too early in the morning, kids who forget their lunch, and going to the dentist.

Boo! Hiss!

gretchen from lifenut said...

It's really very simple, but hard to do: get up before the kids. I have some very early risers (a later bedtime made no difference), so it is a feat to be up before the deluge of kiddos.

But when I manage it, my day is better.

Twice Blessed said...

My day goes much better if I feed Tate and Reese before they are off the hook hungry. It just takes a split second for Tate to go from happy/playing to starving/crying.

Also, a nice cup of tea always makes me a little happier in the a.m.