Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Walt Disney would roll over in his grave

UPDATE:  It seems that Miley is sorry for what she has done...  She commented to People you can read it here.  I sadly think her apology is provoked so she does not lose fans....

I was over at Rocks in My Dryer when I read that Miley Cyrus has posed topless for Vanity Fair...  You can read for yourself here
 I really wanted to share some of my thoughts on this.
I have to say, I am absolutely sick, although, Miss Cyrus is covered with a sheet, the look of being naked is there and I assume she is.  In my opinion this is child porn, which is illegal!  She is supposed to be a role model, she is supposed to be a wholesome young lady.  She is supposed to be someone our children can look up to.
But No she is just another girl, trying to grow up way to fast, she is another example of ways to cause our sons to lust, oh better yet lets put her on the cover of an adult magazine make her look way older than she is and plant seeds of lust in our husbands eyes too...  Thank you so much Vanity Fair!
Since when is Vanity Fair interested in a 15 year old Disney tv star?  I guess when her Mother and Father are willing to exploit their daughter and allow her to show off her body, no doubt for the almighty dollar!  Great Parenting, Ol' Billy Ray!
I am disgusted in Disney, I am really wondering how this mega company will respond in the next few days.  I do not approve of all Disney's movies or characters but for the most part if it has the Disney label, its ok.  Maybe I need to rethink that whole thing!
I just know Mr. Disney, was a good man who wanted to share great family entertainment and he would also be sickened by this.
I am never surprised to see half dressed photos of Britney Spears or even Lindsey Lohan come across my tv with not notice, but I was really surprised she is only 15 people.
I wish that Vanity Fair would have given the CDC's report on young girls and the alarming rate of STD's  When they chose to exploit a minor showing her half naked, maybe that would open some eyes.
I have Son's so I want to protect they from the hurt and heart ache that sex outside of marriage can cause, I want to teach them to restrain, I want them to follow Gods plan, and wait until they are married.  It is so incredible hard in today's society, and now even Disney Stars are making it harder. I want my daughter to also remain pure, I want her to feel confident in her beauty without having to show her whole body, I want her to be loved for who she.  Our job as Christian Parents is becoming harder and harder everyday. 
So even though we do not watch Hannah Montana, please explain to me how are the parents of the million or so viewers now going to explain to their sons and daughters that it's not ok to show our body's in that way, that their favorite show is now not so good and that their role model is a role model after all....


Becky said...

We are of one mind on this sister. You stole my next post! I was going to write my own rantings about this sickness...in fact I had it in my current post, but deleted it as I was saving it for a post all its own! :)

Wholesome family images have been replaced by the vanity of Hollywood and the almighty dollar.

Sex sells, and sells, and sells...

Becky, the maid

Becky said...

I forgot to say that Walt Disney is actually dizzy from all of the rolling over in his grave...from Mouseketeers Britney Spears, Christina Aguilara, Justin Timberlake, Vanessa Hudgens (can we say full frontal nudity? Ick), and God knows who else...

This is a new era and it is no longer safe to play with "the Mouse." Sorry, Mickey.

Becky, the maid

We are THAT Family said...

I totally agree. My 8.5 yr old daughter likes Hannah Montana. Or she used to. We will be talking about it as a family tonight. I have a heavy heart. Disney's not what it used to be.

bunchofbull-ers! said...

I, like Becky, was in the process of creating a post about this subject as well. I am sickened by this whole thing. And my two daughters are no longer H.M. fans. She is no longer a role model.
In my opinion, she is a just a Brittney Spears in the making. A little girl growing up WAY TOO fast.
My husband & I had already 86'd her TV show in our home because it is becoming all about teens looking at the opposite sex and the chase.
This and her provocative, pelvic thrusting, performance on the American Idol show has sealed the deal in our home.
So Miley, sorry kiddo, you are like totally not even cool anymore.