Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mini VACATION part 2

So we set out on Friday night for our mini vacation to Washington D.C. and to Baltimore.  We left the house late, it was almost 6pm before we got on the road.  We drove for over an hour when the kids started getting really hungry and the cheese crackers just weren't cut'n it.  So we drove around looking for a place to eat and my Happy Husband suggests we stop at the Waffle House...
I try to be submissive I really do, but let's be real here, the Waffle House is down right nasty! And I can say that, I worked as a waitress for the Scattered Covered Smothered empire back in 1995.
I think that was the worst job I have ever had!  So we stopped it was 7pm on a Friday night and we were the only car in the parking lot, now this is never a good sign, but we went in anyway (I now need an award for submissiveness) Daddy thought the kids would like a waffle and of course they did...  I decided to order a chicken sandwich, how bad could it be?  Well let me tell you the picture is not what you get, it was a chicken breast on toast with a slice of American cheese, and I do believe they might have added some form of grease because when I bit into the bread some yellowish-clear substance ran down my chin...
Now you won't be surprised to hear that dinner didn't get better from there, Bo dropped his lemonade (goes great with waffles) right in my lap, now I'm not one to sweat the small stuff, I just called for the waiter/cook/manager/floor cleaner, I asked for more napkins and he gave me a dirty rag...  I don't mean slightly used I mean dirty, that's spelled D-I-R-T-T-T-T-Y!
We finished our all but pleasant dinner and left $42 later, Nasty and not cheap.
We finally arrived at Dana's house at 9:30 on Friday night, we no more than got in the door than, I was sick, (maybe it was our lovely dinner) I was sick the rest of the night.
I felt much better when we woke up in the morning and we continued with our plans to go to the Baltimore Aquarium.  We had a great time!  I love the Aquarium, the fish and sharks and frogs oh my.  I found life with twins is not an easy task, Dana carried the Reese in a wrap carrier and I carried Tate.  Daisy had on a leash, you know aka harness.  That is one of those things I probable judged someone for.  The boys did really well staying with us and following our strict holding hands policy.
After the Aquarium we tried to go to dinner at the Hard Rock, my mom had never been to Baltimore or to a Hard Rock before, but it was almost a 2 hour wait.  We walked around the harbor, and tried to go to the Cheese Cake factory another 2 hour wait.
So we went to a sushi restaurant.  I have very versatile children, they really eat every vegetable and fruit known to man with no complaint, this is not due to some amazing thing we have done as parents, they have always been exposed to lots of different kinds of foods and they just like it.  So we order the kids and myself non-raw sushi, I don't think it's safe while trying to get pregnant (I will find out next week if I am pregnant) to eat raw fish and I don't really think it's safe for the kids either.  The rest of my family ate all kinds of sushi.  We made our last stop in Baltimore at a great Italian Bakery and ordered Cannoli's Oh My were they good!  
I woke up at 6 am on Sunday with Daddy standing over me asking for help, I was unsure what he was talking about, he repeated himself "Luke has gotten sick everywhere"  I jump from the bed and sure enough my poor boy, was really sick.  I was hoping it was maybe sinus drainage, that was dismissed 15 minutes later with the next bout of vomiting.  This continued with out fever all day, he was only able to keep some fluids down for an hour and sick again.
We debated on whether to leave or stay, at that point I was concerned for the babies, but at the same time I didn't want to travel with a really sick kid either.  
We kept Luke far away from the other kids and did major hand washing all day.  By 8pm, he was finally better!   We hurried on Monday morning and got our things packed and left.
Not so great of a trip...  We always enjoy our time with Dana, Joe and the babies, and the Aquarium is never a disappointment, but all the in between really sucked!


We are THAT Family said...

Oh, I felt for you as I read this. We've had so many trips like yours! And I AM NOT a fan of Wafflehouse either. Kudos for the submissiveness.

And what is it with all the vomiting lately? My daughter had it yesterday. It is a new plague? Go away, you vile thing!

I laughed at your ending. Everything in between stunk!

Twice Blessed said...

Well T&R had lots of fun at the aquarium and they love it when your family comes for a visit!

Twice Blessed said...

I was wondering why it took you so long to blog about our weekend...
I knew I'd read about it sooner or later. Glad you found the clothes!

Amanda said...

I'm sorry there were so many hiccups in your trip -- particularly a hiccup that involved puke. It's hard to come back from vomit. Overall, though, I'm glad you enjoyed your getaway.

bunchofbull-ers! said...

Ugh, what a bummer! But glad that the aquarium was good atleast! And that everyone is feeling better!
Pardon my grossness (is that a word?!) but every now & then the kids and I love to stop in WH for a yummy hot off the iron waffle! Most often then not it also becomes a lesson on hygiene for my kids. KWIM?!