Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Valentines Gift Ideas

As I stated yesterday the linking possibility's are endless, so bare with me as I utilize my new found skills will you please.
I just wanted to share with any of you looking for great valentines gift ideas or what to tell your husband you really want, go over to Bonbon Charms and check out the great selection of charms necklaces and bracelets, I found this site from Boo Mama and if you enter in code BOOMAMA you will receive 20% off your entire purchase now through Feb 13.  I got this with Black beads, Daddy said well go on and order it for your valentines gift.
I really want to order myself this shirt to show my love for the best husband in the world.
So those are my gift ideas today and again I am ever so thankful to Stacey for your blog know how!
Happy Mommy

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Ruby Wife said...

You make me smile!! You are such a girly girl!! Which makes me think, hmmmmm......I'm so glad we're friends. We need a girls night! Food, pedicures, more food, some chocolate.....more chocolate, manicures, something salty......and lots of laughs!