Friday, February 1, 2008

Have you heard the expression

When it rains it POURS...
Lets set the stage here, last Saturday Daisy flushed a rubber duck down the toilet...
She told me she did, Bo told me she did it, I still thought maybe just maybe they were mistaken, so I neglected to tell Happy Daddy, thinking this would make him just a little less than Happy.
On Tuesday night I went out on a lovely date with HD, when we went out to start our mini van well it wouldn't, so we hopped in his truck and took off anyway, we were determined not to let a little car trouble keep us down.
The next morning we tried to jump start the car this worked so I drove to the local Advanced Auto and had them run a diagnostic test on the car it came up that the battery might me bad or the alternator...
So I drove home so that HD could figure out what to do, Wednesday was relatively uneventful until right before dinner when I went into my Master bath it took me a minute for my brain to compute that I was standing in WATER.  At some point very early in the day my commode puked for hours all over my bathroom and into my dressing room and in to my closet and into my bedroom, Do you remember we had new carpet put in last week...
My once beautiful carpet now had well really nasty stuff I won't fill you in on all the details.  It was so much water I ran under the house to find it raining in my walk in crawl space.
Happy Daddy now Very Unhappy not being filled in on the duck incident was very confused to say the least.  He unlike I thought it was very important information if you think a child flushes a duck down the potty, I was sorry he was like, well, overwhelmed.  He started to pull the insulation down so it could dry while I used a shop vac and for the next hour tried to suck up the stuff, To no avail.  HD pulled up the carpet.
It was ruined I just can't believe it.  It was raining under our house, our carpet must be replaced and the car won't start.  Did I mention that our refinance closed giving us an extra money? 
I really swear that every time we have money everything breaks...  Now we could get mad we could cry we could do a lot of things but we prayed.
We thanked God our well didn't run dry with all the water, we thanked God that we had the money and that we could pay for what ever repairs needed to be made while continuing to stay out of debt. We thanked God that on Thursday we found out that the Battery was bad and that we had bought a 3 year warranty and got a battery for free replacement.
I feel like stuff just happens it life, it will be ok, I am determined not to let stuff get me down.  
HD is also feeling blessed through the junk, it could always be worse and yet God spares us so much because we depend on him.
We prayed standing right out in the middle of our yard in the dark 30 degree weather with it raining under our house and asked God to protect us from this untimely disaster, protect this money we have so that we can be wise stewards of what God gives us.
So when it rains it pours but I won't let Satan rob my joy, or take away my blessings.
I may need new carpet AGAIN but my car runs great!
Happy Mommy


Tricia said...

I so know what that feels like! My oldest flushed his undies down the toilet once.

My dh and my 3 year old boy spend that 4th of July weekend digging up the backyard to open the pipe, get the clog out and put clean outs in.

That was NOT the way we envisioned spending the weekend.

We also had a 6 week period where our home AC went out. The washer and the drier died and the transmission went out in the car. We had just made the decision to get out of debt. Hummm suspicion timing.

My dh is in sales and he got the highest commission check he has EVER gotten, before or since, and we were able to fix ALL those things without going into debt.

God is Good!

Perhaps he is telling you, you need hard wood floors? hehehe sorry, couldn't resist.

BTW, thanks for the kind comment on my blog. said...

My first visit to your site. I am sorry for your troubles but it sounds as if you have your heart set on things above rather than your troubles. What an inspiration!
The Park Wife