Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sound familiar?

12:42 (AM) Daisy comes to our bed with her pillow.
1:15 I move her to the middle of the bed because I hear someone coming down the hall.
1:16 Bo comes to my side of the bed with his pillow.
2:30 I am sweating to death sandwiched in between a hot 2 year old and an even hotter 4 year old who even though he has brought his own pillow has decided to share mine
2:36 (still AM) Luke comes to our bed and squeezes in on Daddy's side
2:45 Daddy takes Luke back to his bed
3:15 Luke comes back
3:30 Daddy takes Luke back to his bed
4:00 Luke comes back (a persistent character can be a plus...  Right?)
4:07 Bo wakes up needing water and his leg hurts he needs chapstick
4:08 I give Bo water and chapstick and Tylenol
4:09 I move Luke into his sleeping bag on our bedroom floor
5:13 I take Bo who is sleeping with his elbow on neck and foot in my spine, back to his bed
5:52 Daisy kicks the covers off and lays on top of them just so I can't get them over my now cold arms
6:00 BEEEEEEEP  BEEEEEEEEEP  BEEEEEEEEP Daddy works on Saturdays and I now want to throw the clock across the room but that might wake these children so I get up and drink coffee....
Sound familiar?


Ruby Wife said...

I'm tired for you. I hope you got to rest today. Look at you going ahead and getting up to serve your husband. That a Girl!

Carolina Mama said...

Sounds really familiar here. Half of us have the flu and our bed is much more comfortable to them then! Coffee is the answer here too. :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like you didn't get much sleep.

MamaofThree said...

Actually, that sounds like my typical mornings also...One night my husband and I said at dinner, "that's it, noone is allowed to come to our bed tonight...we all don't fit...and my daughter said, "yeah, your bed only fits four people, not five!"

MamaofThree said...

Hello, mamaofthree here, I'm probably going to start homeschooling next year, and I was wondering which curriculum you use, and what you think about it? If you get a chance, go to my blog and email me!
Thanks so much!

MamaofThree said...

Thanks so much for your info and's actually really nice to know a homeschooled kid was smart enough to be president, as I wonder if I can give them the academics they need. Honestly, in the end, nothing else matters, but that they love the Lord. It's hard to get the world's views for academics out of my head, but the more I'm out in it, the more I realize how off it is.

My daughter is in a private christian school now, and they actually do Saxon math. Honestly, the curriculum they have is a homeschool curriculum, so with almost four kids, we're thinking we may be better off saving the unbelievably expensive curriculum, and just doing it at home. Anyway, thanks for your advice, I appreciate hearing from someone who's on the same page!