Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I just realized it has been almost a week and I haven't even blogged one single time...
I sit here now Snuggling Bo he just loves to be held, when Luke was 2 he found his independence and no longer wanted to be held and Daisy likes to be held on her time and her terms...  But Bo he loves me to hold him.  He still creeps into our room every single night around 4 or 5 am and crawls into bed with his pillow and blanket he crawls in close and snuggles up with me, you might think this would be bothersome or interrupt my sleep but to hold my beloved little growing boy is just wonderful.  I drink in the smell of his hair and feel the slow rhythmic breathing and fall into deep sleep with my wonderful husband holding me on one side and my sweet boy on the other I sleep well.
After our battle with infertility with Luke I never thought I would have more children, I even for a time excepted that.  Until that summer the summer of 2002 when Daddy and I visited his Aunt in Chicago and we attended a church healing service at the end of the service we went up and introduced ourselves to her pastor and he said right then on the spot May I pray for you.  Well sure you can we said,  being such a large church he know nothing of our struggles with infertility so as he began to pray and said " GOD WANTS YOU TO KNOW HE IS GOING TO HEAL YOUR WOMB YOU WILL HAVE CHILDREN"  you can only imagine the rush of emotions we both had.  At that very moment I saw a silhouette of four children.  I have know that I was to have four children from that moment on.  Even through we didn't do as God wished I have always know I was to have four children.  So you can imagine why this vasectomy reversal is so important to us...  I pray daily for our fourth child, beliveing God will bless us with his plan.
We returned home from Chicago now with a renewed spirit no longer questioning if we would have more children but wondering how, will we use more medicine, whats next.  
One week later I had my first period YES you read that right, it was my first real not medically induced period, it lasted for 5 days I was like am I going to bleed to death or what.
30 days later period number 2 I now know God has healed my womb.  We tried to get pregnant in October and We did...
On November 22, 2003 I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, I have bought so many had so many no no no's that I just wept and thanked God I will have Children.  Our beautiful boy was born on July 16th 2003.
I do feel that All my children are miracles.  Bo is very special he is a renewing of my faith he is the beginning  of my healing he is my sweet boy.
And we snuggle still as I write.
Good Night.

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