Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Homeschool 2008

Did I mention that I resolved not to yell????  So today is day 1 back to school after oh a 3 week Christmas crafting, new toy playing, video gaming, way to much TV watching, brake.
We really did have a wonderful time over the holidays!  
Anyway Luke was all but thrilled about our big back to school bash...  He lost computer time by 10 and then lost TV by 11 it took 45 minutes to read a 5 page book and he cried no less that 5 times.  I on the other hand did not yell not even 1 time I did not threaten or lose my temper (I did grit my teeth twice)!  I prayed alot...  I prayed before we even sat down and I prayed with Luke that he would understand and be blessed with wisdom.
Some days I wonder if it would serve him any good to see what a whole day of school is like?I am no doubt sure if he spent one day in public school it would be a day with a sub and he would get to have recess all day and that would back fire on me big time!  He would lose his mind in a 9 hour day of schooling, he wants to be done with the 3 hour day we have, only after about 45 minutes.  I have decided boys need to play and play some more.  Luke would be happy to play all day.  
He is just such a perfectionist that he hates to read, in some crazy fear of mispronouncing or mistaking a word.  We are nothing but encouraging and supportive, so other than the fact that Daddy is also a perfectionist, I don't know why he worry's so much about reading to me his mama. He is a strong sounder outer (is that a word) he can read any word that follows the rules and he even knows many sight word but for just reading off the cuff he won't even try.   I truly want him to love to read as much as I do.

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