Monday, January 7, 2008

Bible Study and Monday ramblings

Today was our first day back after the holidays.  We had a refreshing conversation about commitment to our group and friendship.  Healing took place, we laughed and cried...  Amazing how in such a short time woman can love yet hurt each other.  
I am thankful for openness within our group and that we are willing to work past each others flaws and love each other.
So note to the Internet world- When someone anyone asks you to pray for them do just that.  This is not an opportunity to give any opinion or comment.  If someone wants your opinion they will ask.  But when someone asks for prayer its just that!!!!-
I am looking forward to the book we are starting it is SHES GONNA BLOW.  Do you ever feel like you are going to blow?  Like these children God gave you are going to make your head pop right off your shoulders if they whine one more time?  You should check out the book....
Daddy started his new schedule today he is Tues-Sat 8-4:30 I am really going to miss his 9:30 to 6 Mon-Fri.  I have enjoyed sleeping until 7!  
That's the alarm at 5:30am!!!!!
So Good Night Internet world I am going to watch Medium.  And Please don't judge me I think it's a good little piece of fiction and I like it.

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