Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So we are all installed...  I am so happy about the carpet!  It looks great and it really makes everything else look good too.  The kids did really well with the installers here, much better than I expected.
The weather man is calling for snow tomorrow...  I would get a little excited except our weather man is a big fat liar!  I am from Ohio so I know snow the few flakes we get around here aren't even enough to make snow cream.  And from those of you from the south who have no idea what snow cream is I am soooo soooo sorry you have been deprived all your life!  Snow cream is this wonderful mixture of snow and lots of sugar and vanilla and just enough milk to make it snow ice cream.  It is a high light of every northerners snow storm and the best way to sit by the fire with hot cocoa in one hand and a bowl of snow cream in the other.
If any of you wanted to know why I struggle with my weight I have just managed to shed some light on that topic, my endless desire for sweets.
Anyhoo I wish it would really snow big flakes and lots of them about 10 inches of snow so we can sled and play and EAT snow cream.
I bet it will snow while we are in TX....

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