Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I interrupt this blog for Vacation!

So I thought last week was bad...  When we got home from church on Sunday which was also my Sweet, Wonderful, Loving Husbands birthday, a very large tree had fallen down in our yard a tree which stood only 5 feet from our house.  I will now say hallelujah and praise the Lord it fell away from the house.  We where experiencing very hard winds and the tree just came tumbling down.
So Daddy spent about 3 hours with the chainsaw cutting and stacking.  While he was busy doing that the power went out and stayed out for the next 24 hours.  
Let me be the first to say this really sucked!  NO birthday cake no ribeye steaks no baked potatoes no heat.  Did I mention it was the coldest night of the year.  Thank God we have a fireplace we ate hotdogs and I cut up some potatoes wrapped in foil and cooked them in the fire.  We stayed pretty warm with the fire, Happy Daddy read us a few chapters of the Chronicles of Narnia by candle light and we slept on mattresses in the middle of the family room floor all five of us.
Now the next morning was much worse with no power means no pump for the well which means after HD left for work I had to go down to the creek and fetch water to flush the potty.  It was 19 out side, people!  I had to carry it all the way up to the house and gather wood, I was all out primitive!  And then I had to pack our suitcases, But I did it...
And Thank God at 2pm the power came back on.  
So that was our weekend and now off to TX I think we deserve a vacation!  And Please keep Daddy in your prayers he will be having surgery on Monday.
Happy Mommy


Anonymous said...

have a safe trip and I pray the surgury is successful. Just think how memorable HD birthday will be now!! Honestly it sounded sort of cool... like an indoor camping trip :) Heather

The G's said...

Hi Olivia, it is Deb, Dana's friend. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I think the hot dog roast sounded fun. It will be something the kids will remember. They will never remember the stress their parents felt, just the fun family memeories. Praying for you guys in TX.