Monday, February 25, 2008

Home School, Laundry and a Movie

We have returned  to school today from our two week break.  We took the week of vacation off and the week we returned home off.  
We did our Bible lesson on old testaments children, David, Moses and Isaac.  Luke was really concerned at first as to why God would want Abraham to sacrifice his son.  After a 10 minute discussion all was well again and on to math and phonics.  We are a little concerned with how Luke reads.  He is still really staggered at his reading, sounding each word out, so I have been reading his little readers to him, then with him, then I have him read it to me, it is working wonders!  He actually said he liked reading today.  We also purchased an on-line phonics curriculum and have him doing one lesson each day to earn computer play time.  Bo is doing the on-line curriculum set to his level as well and he really likes it.  The site is click and read phonics, I think it is a really good site and the boys love the computer.
I am so happy to report that our dryer is finally fixed! Praise the Lord Hallelujah!  I have been hanging clothes on the line outside since before Thanksgiving, my hands have been chapped and just about froze off.  I have had jeans hanging from every available door in this house and have been using the shower rod as a hanging dryer for way to long.  You won't believe it was only a $18 part that needed replaced and thanks to a frugal friend I went to a repair fix-it web site and we fixed it our self.  Daddy said its like we went Green.  I am not concerned with the use of electricity I am thankful for soft sheets again and towels that don't feel like sand paper.  AMEN!
We are off to the dollar movie again tonight, we are going to see Alvin and the Chipmunks.  The kids are super excited.  So what do you think about buying candy and taking it into the movies, hidden in your purse of course?  I am feeling a little morally wrong...  The movie clearly states no outside food or drinks, can I pick straws and say candy is not really food????  Oh the woes of being a good parent, if was just me I say bring on the gob stoppers but I have to set a Godly example and all.  Daddy says if you want candy you need to get it at the dollar store cause I'm not paying 4$ for the same thing!  Maybe I could say for the sake of being submissive I will sneak candy until the kids can read really well, or I'm further convicted which ever comes first.

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