Thursday, February 7, 2008

Only 6 days and overwhelmed!

I am just in shock that we are flying to TX in only 6 days!  We have been doubling up on school work, washing clothes like crazy, making lists and more lists....
I still have so much to do.  I went shopping on Tuesday night all by myself, which is a very rare occasion, and it speaks volumes for me to call Wal-Mart an occasion.
I bought the kids all their own backpacks and got toys they have never seen to fill the backpacks, we will entertain them on the plane with the new toys.  
So that will cover the first 30 minutes on the plane, we then have a portable DVD player for the next 2 hours, I got the Aristocats and Snow Buddies which came out on Tuesday.  I found out it costs for food on the plane, you have to pay $5 per person per meal, I am just a little shocked that that is not included in the 500-600$ Ticket, I mean what's that all about!  Anyway hopefully eating will take care of the rest of the flight.
On a totally not related to my overwhelmed state of mind, after getting the kids the 2 new movies the other day, I started to clean up our DVD cabinet and to my surprise the DVD's won't fit they are stacked everywhere, now the case holds 200 DVD's and so I started to count them You won't believe me if I tell you...  286 yes thats only kid movies, I was just as surprised as you are!   I think we might be just a little bite over the top with our movie collection.
So today I have been printing directions to hotels and to the airport and from here or there and to the Doctor, I like to be prepared.
Tonight Happy Daddy and I are going to write out and print of course a detailed itinerary so we don't miss out on anything we wanted to do.
So I will be taking a break from the blog starting next Tuesday.  Please pray for us, I am still nervous about the flight.  I have been praying for over a month now for Daddy's surgery not to be to painful and for it to work perfectly and of course for me to get pregnant.  Just pray for us, please...
Happy Mommy

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