Thursday, February 28, 2008

Daddy This Ones For You!

This is Happy Daddy and my song.  Daddy used to travel with the computer company he worked for and  he was gone Mon-Fri for the first 8 1/2 years of our marriage.  He was gone while Luke was a baby and also while Bo was little.  He got his job with Verizon working at home 3 years ago today.  It seems like he has been home forever, and is really hard to believe that for 11 years he was on the road.  I was pregnant with Daisy and I had faithfully prayed for Daddy to get a local job for over 5 years, now that is a long time to pray, people.  And finally he got the job, the job that would allow him to be home while still making good money.
This became our song while he traveled, we just couldn't wait for Friday!  It seemed like the road between where every he was and where we were was just to long.  I cried every time this song came on and longed for him to be home with us.  I smile now every time I hear it, thankful for every morning I am blessed to get up early and make coffee and breakfast, I smile thankful for the dinners I get to make and that I can do his laundry on Tuesday not only on the weekend!  The weekends were never long enough....  I Love my husband and I love this song, and Daddy I would run to you anywhere!  Happy 3rd Anniversary with Verizon!

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