Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm back

I have so many things to share about our trip but today I will talk about Daddy.  He is had his surgery on Monday.  The surgery went really well.
But what I want to talk about is how amazing an experience it is to have a Doctor pray with you and how he blessed us so much.  When we arrived at the Doctors office Dr. Leverett's wife was waiting for us, she watched our children while Daddy had the surgery.  Dr Leverett then sat down with us to have a little talk, at this point he said he wanted to talk to me...  He said that I needed to understand that I have a husband who loves me more than anything in the world, that for a man to go through this is the ultimate act of love, 30 minutes later I understood why.  This procedure is very painful, see they have to grasp the testicle and make the initial cut then pull it out of the body THEN numb the area.  Yes, thats right you read that correct, this slows the swelling and gives the Dr the best look at the vas deference.  My husband is the most amazing man in the world.  I was able to hold his hand and talk to him while he went through this for our future child.  Dr. Leverett  prayed for Daddy's body to except the surgery and be restored to normal function quickly and the prayed for us to have a baby.
We talked and prayed, laughed and even cried as we shared our story to the Doctor.  I have always loved Daddy even as a 16 year old girl I loved him, the day we were married I knew I loved him more than anything, when we first held our son somehow my heart grew I loved him more and with each day and each child my heart for my husband strangely grew with more and more love for this man almost amazing that someone you would lay your life down for you can love more!  Monday as I held Daddy's hand as he went through this it happened once more, my heart grew by leaps and bounds, I am so blessed to have Daddy, so blessed he loves me as much as he does, so filled with joy for our life together, so in love with this man.  If he never told me he loved me again I will always know and no act of romance would ever measure what he did on that table for the rest of my life,  the Doctor knows that allowing the wife to be a part of this surgery is a great part of his ministry, it is just amazing to their marriage!
I will tell you more about our trip tomorrow...  The Alamo, and then the car accident we were in and all the great food in TX....

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