Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Motrin,Ipecac and Antibiotics

I will start by saying oh what a day!
I made a doctors appointment for all three kids at about 8:30 this morning.  The appointment was set for 10:45.
At 9:55, Daisy tells me she needs Motrin she has a headache.  She has not eaten anything in over a day now and I was really starting to worry about her.  I got the Motrin out of the cabinet and then the phone rang....
I turned around and she had drank the bottle.  It was just a little under 1/2 full.  I am still not sure how she managed to get the child proof top off the bottle.  I called the Doctor who told me to give her ipecac immediately!  Problem, I don't have any.  We made a mad dash for CVS which is a good 15 minute drive.  We ran in and I asked for ipecac, the pharmacist asked what happened I explained while we walked to the medicine, she said drink it all now!  So we went to the car and Daisy drank about 1/2 of the ipecac and spit out about 1/2.  I was worried after 10 that she had not had enough so we went back into the CVS and as I got to the counter I said she spit most of it out I think we need more at that moment I noticed people backing away from us, you guessed it she started throwing up.  As a matter of fact she got sick all from the pharmacy at the back of the store to the front of the store.
She continued to get sick in the bucket I had brought from home but neglected to take into the CVS.  She continued to get sick at the Dr.'s.
Both Daisy and Bo have ear infections and the beginning stages of Bronchitis, Luke is actually getting better.  The Doctor informs me it was a good thing it was ibuprofen and not Tylenol.  I guess that Tylenol can destroy your liver very fast and that we would have had to call 911 and have her stomach pumped on the way to the hospital...  I had no idea how dangerous Tylenol was.  She also said Daisy will probable be sick all day.
She continued to throw up all the way to Target, we decided not to go back to CVS, we made enough of an impression for one day.  And you will never guess what Daisy did there, yes, she threw up there too.  We got our antibiotics and got the heck out of there.
I think we have the getting sick part behind us now.
I have learned a few things today
1. Don't answer the phone when you have to leave in 20 minutes!
2. child proof does not always mean child proof
3. I can take public humiliation much better than I thought I could
4. Ipecac is really bad stuff
5. And always and I mean always keep paper towels in the car
I recently found a new blog called We are That family and boy do I understand that today, Miss We Are That Family, I think we might be THAT family, too!  Today I feel like that family the ones who always have sick kids or someone getting hurt or a broken dryer or go on vacation and get in a car accident in a rental car, you know That family...  No not us were not that family, Are we????  


LB said...

Wow! What a day. I hope your little girl is feeling better.

I think we are that family sometimes, too.

Ruby Wife said...

I'm glad baby girl is okay. Thank God you were quick to think and act.

You never have a boring day, that's for sure!

Love ya!

Kristen said...

Thanks for the link! I have a support group for "That family" You're welcome any time.