Saturday, April 14, 2007

whats going on today

I am Happy Mommy, I am 28 years old. My husband is Daddy he is 32. We Have been married for 11 years this fall. We have 3 children Luke 5, Bo 3, and Daisy 1. We are here in the South. Its a very rainy day, Daddy works on Saturdays so it is unusually boring today. Lilu has had a runny nose now for a week and Luke now is sick as well.
Today I am praying for Grandma Betty Lou, she was diagnosed with Cancer on Wednesday, colorectal cancer... See I moved to the south 9 years ago and have been begging my grandparents and mother to move here so finally a year ago last January they said yes a very big move for a 78 year old man and a 76 year old woman. It took over a year for the house to sell the house, the house my mother my Aunt Dana and I all grew up in. It sold The last week of March I packed up the kids and drove to Ohio to help pack. It only took a few days to realize my grandma was sick, she with little prodding told me she had been having diarrhea for 5 months I could not belive this ! I took her to the doctor and well we found out this week she has cancer.
So everything is changing My Grandparents and my 50 year old mother are all moving in with us. It was going to be for a few months while they had a house built now they can't take on a morgage payment with cancer looming over their heads.
I want God to show his will I want her to Live 20 more years I want my own family not to struggle with 3 adult house guest. I want to be able to serve the needs of my husband and children while being a blessing to my grandma while she is sick. God tells us he does not give us more than we can handle, I will hold strong to this.

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