Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Yesterday Daisy started throwing up around 4pm and didn't stop until 4am... Daddy and I took turns holding her and comforting her while she was so restless. We make a great team, Daddy and I, he is such a great father, he pulled her hair back as his little girl was sick, he rocked her and whispered its ok into her ear, it was very wonderful to see my husband nurture our child, I guess I find this so amazing because until 2 years ago my father was not part of my life... It never ceases to amaze me how much Daddy and I love our children with so much unconditional love and how much Daddy and I love each other. So today we are sleepless Daddy is at work and I am here mothering 3 sick little ones. Luke still did school today, I am not sure how productive I was as a teacher but he got an A+ on his spelling sound test and end of the week review test so even sleepless I'm not doing so bad.
The repairman called about the washing machine it will be another $564.90 to fix it YEAH RIGHT NOT IN THIS LIFETIME! So it's off to Lowes we go. I will be back to the laundry in a few days.
My Grandma's chest x-ray came back clear, just another prayer answered, I am so thankful. She will be seeing a cancer specialist on the 7th of May and we will be starting the recovery very soon I pray!
I am in shock as I watch the terror unfold on the news about yesterdays terrible shootings. I am so thankful we have chosen to home school our children for so many reasons and one is this world is so crazy, people wanting their way above anything else never thinking things through, I-want-what-I-want-right-now-no-matter-who-or-what-I-hurt-getting-it mentality is ruining this country and yesterday is another example of a confused young man angry and acting without thinking it through or maybe just selfishness. I have been praying for the family's of the children and Professors killed praying for peace during this tragic time.

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