Saturday, April 28, 2007

Two more Blessings!

Yesterday the kids and I drove up to DC to see the babies... I am just so blessed by this experience, this whole experience! I shared with Dana yesterday what I longed to share this with her, to have her proudly show me her beautiful children, to be truly happy and excited to share them with me. Dana being as close as my sister, I had much anticipation about meeting her babies, I love babies and the day she told me she was pregnant I loved her babies, I prayed for them before she ever even conceived, knowing that they implanted her with two eggs in the invitro process I prayed everyday for both of those eggs (babies) I just was not believing she would only have 1 child... so the day they came into this world at 25 weeks and 5 days, I was broken hearted, I was a great actress that day trying to hold myself together and be strong for Dana and Joe while I was dying inside not knowing if either one of these tiny little one pound babies would make it through that day, being with her as she first saw them was the hardest thing I have ever been through, it was nothing I had hoped and dreamed we would get to share upon the birth of her children. So yesterday was more than wonderful, it was just as I had thought it should have been the first time.! Tate is over 5lbs now and the only tube you see is a feeding tube, amazing! Reese is getting very close to 5lbs herself, she is on room air only as she is still a little groggy after laser eye surgery the air is just a little precaution. Both babies are healthy and growing stronger everyday! By the BLOOD OF JESUS these babies are perfect! I was also so impressed with Dana, when we walked in she said "do you want to hold Tate?" I said sure and looked around for someone to help us and Dana moved the cords, opened the bed and picked up HER baby boy... She has come so far I saw no new mother fear she was so confident in herself as a mother as she picked up her little boy and kissed him and told him she loved him my heart was truly moved, I can't say enough about the joy I saw in her yesterday, I have prayed for this moment, and God has blessed me again with allowing me to be apart of two more miracle children's lives. God is so Good all the time!

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Dana Jordan said...

Those are the most beautiful babies!! Their parents must be very proud... :)