Saturday, April 14, 2007


Daisy will be 2 in July she is so amazing!! After have the boys first it is such a blessing to have a little girl to share so many girl things with. I prayed for about a year for God to give us a little girl. I think at my 6 week check up after Bo was born I asked the doctor how long do we have to wait to have another baby he said oh about a year. Bo turned 1 in July 04 and we thought we had better wait another year to expand our family, little did we know after we had made our plans (and left the praying out) God had other plans for us, I was already pregnant. God had heard the prayers of a mothers heart and blessed us with a little girl. In the beginning of my pregnancy I wanted to name her Madison. I love the name Madison, I had a dream when I was about 3 months along that I was in a large stadium with people from church all around me and I held up a little girl and said let me introduce you to my daughter "Daisy", she had dark brown hair and was just beautiful... After waking up from this dream I kept it to myself I love the name Madison. All the while still asking God to bless us with a little girl (I don't think God changes sexes in the womb but I prayed for a girl anyway) So I dreamed the same dream again and this time told my Grandma Betty Lou, She said well you are like "Daisy"in the Bible she could not have children and then God blessed. I was told before Luke that I had Polysistic Ovarian syndrome and it took a great doctor and fertility drugs and of course Gods Perfect plan and then we had our little Boy... So any way I told Daddy about my dream and he and I prayed and decided if we had a girl God would be naming her Daisy and I found out in Feb we indeed where having a girl and she would be named Daisy. 
I took this picture about a month ago.

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