Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sick kids

We are missing church today... Two sick kids! I remember when before we had our own children I just could not understand how peoples kids where always sick. I must have judged them because I have learned that every single judgement I have cast and I mean every single has come right back on me! I know I thought people were using their children being sick as an excuse for getting out of some responsibility. I have since learned not only do you miss out on responsibility's but all the fun things as well. Raising a young family takes so much sacrifice. We chose to have our 3 close together and I am truly thankful. I will remember the young mothers when mine have grown out of this sick (every other week all winter long) time of our lives. I think we need to lift each other up as mothers, take a casserole or something if a friend has not left the house in 2 weeks.
I remember two times in the almost 6 years of mothering that a sister in Christ blessed me this way. Once was a Friend Cindy Caron helped me so much, Luke was 2 and Bo was only about 4 months old we were part of a church plant Focal Point (can find link on home page) We were all sick Luke had Croup, Bo had an ear infection and bronchitis, I had bronchitis and Daddy was traveling with his out of town job at that time. She was so kind she brought me my medicine and dinner she baked us some dessert bars and prayed with us before she went home, see she had a daughter 16 and a daughter 8 she remembered this time in her life...
Another time was about a year and a half ago one of my dearest friends Heather  who had a 5 year old at the time a 2 year old and twin infants of her own, made homemade chicken noodle soup for us when the boys and Daisy and myself were all to sick to even get out of bed, Daddy just got his new job (not traveling due to 5 years of serious praying) and had no time off to take care of us. She drove over to our house in the woods about a 30 min drive for her, loaded 3 babies of her own into the car in the winter, just to bless us.
I will always remember those times and I pray God will use me as an example of his love and service to others who are in need.

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