Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am the Queen

Apparently it is not normal for a person to have to hold any thing they are reading out as far as their arm goes...
This was pointed out to me today as I told the eye Doctor my problem, I specifically told him "I need some glasses for driving, sign me up"  He gave me the exam and told me that I passed all the legal limits for driving and then it happened, he asked me to read a piece of paper no less than 8 inches from my face and people I couldn't see a thing!  I tried to move it out as far as I could so I could see it better because I do not need reading glasses I need glasses to drive, and he informed me I was straining my eyes.  I was causing the signs to become blurry while driving because of the strain on my eyes caused from my vision impairments while reading.
It seems that the daily blogging has only intensified the affect.   And since  I won't be giving that up, I have pushed all pride aside and I have reading glasses, I will show you all later when Daddy can take my picture,  they are brown, and Becky, they only have small rhinestones.  They are flashy and I love them, good thing since I will be wearing them much more than I planed.  So there you have it I am the Queen of denial!


Anonymous said...

Hey happy mommy. I'm a happy mommy of one! I bet you look cute and smart in your specs! I've been getting some of your recipes. Email me sometime. amywrightus@yahoo.com

We are THAT Family said...

I bet you look adorable. I can't WAIT to see them.

Becky said...

Woohoo...rhinestone farm girl!

Can't wait to see you!