Monday, May 12, 2008

A confession

Ok I have a confession to make, I am going to the Doctor tomorrow, not any Doctor it's the eye Doctor and I am really not happy about it!  See I don't wear glasses.  
About a year ago I started having a bit of a hard time seeing  signs while I was driving.  No big deal I just learned to squint alot.  And then 6 months ago, I realized after Happy Daddy said your blind kindly pointed it out to me, that I was really struggling to see all signs including the speed limit (think the police will take that into consideration if I am caught speeding)!  So the other day after I had to turn around 3 times because I kept missing my street because I couldn't see the stupid sign even though it was the big green ones....  I made an appointment with the eye Doctor!
I feel old, maybe because my family thinks this is funny, Oh she IS going to be thirty this year...
Funny group I am related to.  My Grandma even went as far as to say when your 40 it's your mind honey, that's real fun.  Happy Daddy thinks it's funny because I am going to be thirty...  And I can't see.  The only thing that is going to make this painful experience any better is these glasses.

Or maybe these glasses.

So that is my deep dark confession, I have been driving around squinting like a fool for 6 months now, trying my best to stay 29, and now I am giving it up, I am going to get me some glasses so I can see to drive, which is am important thing to do while driving I have been told.
I will turn 30 in September gracefully with my new glasses and be thankful for my memory for at least 10 more years...
I tried on the red pair Saturday and Luke told me I looked FABULOUS!  
I have no idea what the difference in near or far sighted is or any other eye talk, I have always had 20 20 vision.  I can see to read just fine but anything farther that 10 feet, can't see, it all starts to blur on me.  I will let you all know how it goes tomorrow.


Twice Blessed said...

Near sighted means you can see near and far sighted means you can see far...sounds like you're near sighted just like the rest of us.
Cute glasses've got 4 more months to be 29 so enjoy it!

We are THAT Family said...

Glasses will only make you cuter!

Becky said...

Oh puleeezzz...almost 30?

I am marching towards the one that rhymes with sporty...see, I can't even say it. :)

Maybe that is why I haven't had the weight watchers success you have had. Too darn old.

:) Seriously, though, glasses are hip. You will rock them! (Unless you get horned rims with rhinestones...please don't do that.) LOL

Good luck!

Amanda said...

Good luck tomorrow. Cute spectacle options. Let us know which ones you pick!

goldengirls59 said...

Don't worry about it! You know you are getting old when you need glasses for reading, so your problem is much different. My husband and I got married when he was 30, and 6 months later he had the same problem and needed glasses. (Maybe it was me!) Anyway, there are so many cute styles out there and you could always do Lasik surgery later in the future! My husband did, and no more glasses! Now he needs them because he is getting old! (that old person close reading problem!)

Razor Family Farms said...

Get contacts. I love mine.

You can still be Sporty Spice -- you'll just be able to see.

Without contacts, I can't find the water when I go to the pool. I feel your pain.


Happy Mommy said...

Thank you all for your encouragement! I got a good laugh with my sweet SIL yesterday because she has always had glasses well since the 4th grade... I will let you all know what happens!
I think I am going with the red, they speak to me!