Monday, May 5, 2008


Our weekend was filled with lots of fun.  Saturday we had a birthday party at my house for my Grandpa he turned 79 on Sunday.  I made Pioneer Woman's Lasagna, and it was wonderful!  I also bought some Italian bread which I like much better than French bread, I put a garlic butter spread on it and bake.  We also had Pea Pickn' Cake and it was great!  So we gave Grandpa a party and his gifts.  We enjoyed our time with My Aunt (Twice Blessed Mommy) and family.  The babies loved playing with our Little People toys.
On Sunday we all went to my favorite Chinese restaurant.  I love the sushi, not the kind with raw fish the kind with vegetables.  The owner's name is May and she is as sweet as she can be, she had the staff come and sing to my Grandpa.  I feed the babies rice, and noodles, they loved it.  Until Reese stuffed a huge bite in her mouth and choked, (Kristen I thought of you) we scooped the mess of rice out of her mouth and all was well.  I tried to get her to take a drink of water, but she doesn't know how to drink from a straw.  I will be working on that, on our vacation to Florida, in less than 3 weeks, have I told you all that we are going on a beach vacation in less than 3 weeks, we are going with Dana and Joe.
After dinner we went out to our land, just the kids Happy Daddy and I.  We walked around for
 a few hours dreaming and planning where our new house is going to be, where we want the barn and the garden...  So after all our walking, and after 20 minutes of picking ticks off of ourselves we were kinda hungry not really hungry, so we asked the kids if they wanted to have ice cream for dinner.  You will never guess what they said "YES"!!
So off we headed for our local DQ.  I had a medium Reese Cup Blizzard, and did you know that Dairy Queen had the name Blizzard copy righted in 1954 but we did get to try the first Blizzard as we know them today until 1986, I bet you all needed to know that, didn't you.  Have I mentioned that my favorite food is ice cream and that I would give up a whole days worth of food for ice cream.  Happy Daddy had a large Heath Blizzard.  Luke had a Chocolate dipped waffle bowl with vanilla ice cream and camel sauce.  Daisy had vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and Bo the middle child had to be different he wanted a lime slush, now mind you this is dinner, we wanted him to have a little calcium at least.  We gave in he had his lime slush.  And our total was $15.94, I think that's a lot of money.  I could have bought a half gallon of Edy's Vanilla Bean for 3.94 and a whole lot of Reese Cups and made our own Blizzards.  
It was really good though.  I'm not sure if  it was $15.94 good.  Daddy pointed out that we also could have ordered a pizza for $10, and got the ice cream and some banana's for the same price.
Oh well, our kids think they have the greatest parents in the world!


We are THAT Family said...

What a fun weekend you had! And yes, that Heimlich Maneuver is always a good thing to keep in your back pocket!

And, ticks? That cracked me up, 'cause my WHOLE post would have been about those ticks!

And ice cream for dinner? You are the best :D

Becky said...

That is so funny...I was sitting here thinking that was kinda cheap...whenever we go anywhere (hello, I guess there are 9 of us) it tallies well over the $30.00 mark. :0)

Butterfinger Blizzard would have been my preference...yum...I think I want one right now.

Ice cream for dinner is great, but have you ever done Pepsi and graham crackers for breakfast?

Happy Mommy said...

Never had Pepsi and Graham Crackers but its probably better for you than doughnuts...

And seriously it took 20 minutes to pick all the ticks off, and then while we were sitting in the DQ our oldest child yells I have another tick on me... Unfortunately not to many heads turned, we live in the country, ticks are no big deal.

Amanda said...

Ice cream for dinner is worth a million bucks when you're a kid. Way to go, Happy Mommy!

Hey, I answered your STRIKE question on my blog. Check it out.