Saturday, May 10, 2008

Coconut Dream Cake and Pasta Salad

Good Morning!  I am going to share with all of you my favorite dessert besides ice cream and Cherry Dump cake!  So Today I will be making Coconut Dream Cake.  You need to make it the day before.  This is the hard part.  I love this cake and it calls to you really it does.  It's a very simple recipe, the coco' de cream is found in the drink mix isle of the store with pina colada and margarita mixes.  Coco' de cream is in a can a little bigger than a soda and it is super thick.

Coconut Dream Cake
1 Box White Cake Mix
1 Can Coco'de Cream
1 Cool Whip
1 1/2 Cups of Sweetened Shredded Coconut Flakes

Make the cake as the package directions adding 1/2 cup of the coconut, and bake in a 9x13.  Cool your cake and when it is completely cooled poke wholes all over the cake, and pour at least 1 1/2 cups of the Coco'de cream over the top, the cake may even float up a bit, that's  good.
Mix the Cool Whip and the remaining coconut together and ice the cake with it.  Refrigerate for no less than 12 hours but 24 is much better.
Have self control don't you cut into it early, it's worth the wait I promise!  

Now I will share my pasta salad recipe, because it's almost Mothers Day and it's my gift to you. really it is that good.  It's so good I am afraid my husband might slap my momma cause his won't be with us tomorrow.  Watch out Mom....

Happy Mommy's Pasta Salad
1 1/2 Boxes of Small Shell Noodles that's 24oz
1 Lg Can Large Black Olives
2 Bunches of Green Onions
1 Large red of yellow Bell Pepper
1 Med size Package of Crab Meat (found in the meat department not canned)
1 lb of Shrimp (med size)
1 32oz Hellman's real Mayo ( add slowly you might not need it all)
4 TB Balsamic Vinegar
Salt and Pepper to Taste

Make your pasta and set to the side.  Lightly chop your olives, slice your onions thinly and chop your pepper.  Pull the crab meat apart with your hands slightly shredding it.  Clean your shrimp and if uncooked cook, and add, if frozen which I do use run under cold water and pat dry add to bowl.  Add noodles and then add the mayo and the you may not need it all so add it slowly.  Add the vinegar and the salt and pepper.  Very easy and so tasty!

For more wonderful recipes head over to It Coulda' Been Worse.  Happy Mother's Day!


We are THAT Family said...

That cake sounds so yummy and easy too. I love making cakes with cake mixes. I have this awesome recipe book by Betty Crocker and the entire thing is recipes used with cake box mixes and you just add yummy stuff!

Twice Blessed said...

When did you come up with this pasta salad? I've never had it! Sounds yummy! I guess I'll have to post my famous "rice crispy treats" recipe..don't ya think?

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

You are just TRYING to get me to fall off the wagon, aren't you???? :)

Sounds yummy!

Becky said...

I am getting fatter just reading your blog.

Happy Mother's Day!