Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Only 7 days till Christmas

I just can't believe it's only 7 days till Christmas and I am just now starting the holiday baking!!!!
I will set in today to bake a few dozen cookies and maybe some candy too.  The kids want to eat cookies but for baking them they are more into rolled cookies not the drop kind...  
This last weekend was just wonderful, We enjoyed every minute with our friends we did very little cookie baking but we sure did alot of talking!  Susan and I stayed up until 1am on Friday night and until 2 am on Saturday night...  We really burned the midnight oil.  We laughed and we cried and we had a wonderful time.  I am truly thankful for my friendship with Susan she is the best of the best and I love her very much!
On Sunday we went to Focal Point Church in Chesapeake Virginia and we were very pleased with the new building (cinema cafe) the new faces were very welcoming and as always Tally's preaching still is great we never cease to learn from or be amazed by his take on things.  Tally broke down the song Mary Did You Know in such and awesome way Daddy and I walked away still thinking and have referred to the lesson and song several times since.  We then enjoyed lunch with Tally and Kristy there absolutely adorable little boy Caleb and two other church family's.  It was a nice get away long over due.
I have been amazed this week about how different Dasiy is compared to our boys, she is only 2 and she is now potty trained.  I should be really happy I should be thankful no stinky diapers not to mention the price of diapers and the savings to our family, but she is my baby wearing panties is not a baby thing, she does not nurse she is getting bigger she is wearing a 3 (Daddy is 6'4 ) I am daily reminded by her fluent vocabulary that she is no longer a baby but a little girl...
I am excited to enter into this new faze with our sweet girl but I do miss the little baby she was just yesterday...
My woman's small group had a small party last night at Kim's house, we had a wonderful time and I am so Thankful for each one of the woman in the group!
And now I need to go make cookies ITS ONLY 7 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!

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