Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blood Blood Everywhere

This morning not long after Daddy left, I hear screams from the kitchen...  I had only been hanging up clothes for a few minutes and what could be going on, these were not screams of anger like you took my toy or screams of happiness like little boys often do, this was a blood curdling someone is hurt really bad scream the kind that make momma run 100 miles an hour to find the source of the scream.  Upon entering the kitchen I see blood everywhere I really mean everywhere, on the counter on the bar all over the floor, on the dog...  And Luke with half a roll of paper towels trying to stop the blood.  I ran to him and all I could understand was his nose is bleeding I move the towel and blood sprayed everywhere he them started to spit up blood I couldn't tell if his teeth where bleeding or just his nose.  It took 10 minuted to stop the bleeding and almost a whole roll of paper towel.  We finally stopped it by rolling a cotton ball up under his top lip like professional boxers do when they get blasted in the nose.  It took another 10 minutes to clean up all the blood from the kitchen to the family room it was all over the place.  My poor little boy has a very swollen nose and I think he might actually be getting a bit of a black eye.  He is a tough guy but this really hurt, apparently he was chasing the dog and fell the dog jumped on him and Luke fell onto the hardwood floor and his own knee slammed into his nose ouch!
I'm not sure what was the scariest part of this mishap the shock me to my bones scream the bloody kitchen or the fact that Daddy had our van today and if I was in a real emergency I am 20 miles to the hospital in the middle of no where with no car...  I guess the car situation bothered me the most after I knew Luke was ok.

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