Tuesday, December 11, 2007

14 Days till Christmas

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  I am all done except for the last few things for Daddy's stocking...  I always have a hard time getting all the stuff in those little stockings so last year and 'Daddy has informed me was really tacky I hung a Walmart bag behind the stockings filled with all the extra stuff I thought would fit and didn't.
We are going away this weekend back to Suffolk Va, it is really hard to believe we have been gone for almost 4 years.  We will spend the weekend with some of our very best friends, Daddy will go hunting with Wayne and us girls and kids will make some Christmas cookies which Susan and I really enjoyed doing before we moved away.  I am really disappointed that our former Pastor will be out of town this weekend and we can't go to our old church.  We have not been back since we moved and I wanted to hear Tally preach and spend a little time with his family. 
Yesterday we had our last woman's bible study of 2007...  We are going to start back the first week  after new years and will be reading the book "She's gonna Blow"  I am really looking forward to reading this book.
I must say being the leader of a small group can really be tricky with woman and all the hormones and feelings...  I have noticed that one of our ladies who I love dearly and who I am sure is very unaware of the fact that she gives unwanted opinions when other people are asking for prayer.  I am still unsure how God wants me to handle this i am continuing in prayer about her feelings but also I want to consider the feelings and needs of the others in the group, giving an unwanted and not holy spirit inspired comments and opinions can cause damage to friendships close the walls of comfort to open up to others and brake the small group apart so I am trying to figure this out. 
Yesterday the comment was with one person asking about prayer for more faith and the other woman telling her that the request was silly and unwise  Hello Gods word says have faith like a mustard seed and you can move a mountain.  I can only overlook so much and I pray I can have Grace in all the relationships with Christian woman in my life.
I am hoping to get some Christmas cards done tonight so I can send them out this weekend.  

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