Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sick Sunday

Guess what we are doing.  Watching Meet the Robinsons.  I am still amazed at our over flowing DVD collection, and as we continue to follow our tradition of watching new movies received at Christmas for New Years Eve Eve and New Years Eve and New Years Day.  Did I mention the kids received a ridiculous 27 movies for Christmas yes you read that right 27 still not a mistake 27.  I woke up at around 3am with a pain in my throat feeling like someone was trying to tenderise a steak with my uvula.  Motrin did no good....  At 5 baby girl came into bed with Daddy and I. She was coughing and said "I on fire fire" and guess what - she had a fever again this makes day 3 for fever and she has now so graciously given her illness to Me, Me the one who is supposed to take care of the kids clean the kitchen make the food and so on...  Around 6 Luke strolls in and informs us I am sick really sick, soon to follow a sneeze boy Bo who really never gets sick.  I begged Daddy PLEASE DO NOT GO TO CHURCH PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ME WITH THESE SICK AND I KNOW SOON TO BE WHINY CHILDREN PLEASE OH PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME MAKE ME COFFEE I THINK I AM WHINING....
Sooooo  he stayed home and is now cuddling the sicklings as I type this.  
I am going to make a pot of greens today and some BBQ chicken, even the sick must eat so I must push on beyond the stuffy nose and sore thoat, it's a hard job but I LOVE IT!  

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